YCS DAO, renamed from Yakuza Cats Society, launches 4

SINGAPORE, December 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The creation of 8,930 unique Yakuza cats for 0.0893 ETH each was the genesis of YCS DAO. The project used its unique concept of character orientation from Japanese art and encouraged users with early role-playing activity, which was an unequivocal attraction for the NFT community. Since its successful launch on September 30, the project has reached several milestones. To date, YCS DAO has grown into a prodigious DAO with 60K on Discord and 32.5K on Twitter.

The path from their root to where they are now has been an adventurous and daring road. With an increasing number of NFT projects and a continuous strike, an increase in gas costs followed on the Ethereum blockchain. To avoid the so-called gas war, the YCS DAO decided to try a less traveled route: Dutch Auction.

In addition to the Yakuza Cats NFT genesis collection, YCS DAO showcased and started executing the aftermarket roadmap they had publicly announced. First, Genesis Yakuza Cat NFT holders received a DAMA token of $ 100 per day for one month. The initial incentive was to comfort early supporters and confer the privilege of voting in a DAO. Cash was later provided in a Sushiswap pool for users to redeem $ DAMA.

Shortly thereafter, to boost the expansion of the YCS ecosystem, YCS DAO released the 2nd generation of their NFT: The Killer Cats. Killer Cats recruiting is available on the official website, requiring two Genesis Yakuza Cat NFT and $ DAMA. All $ DAMA used in recruiting is burned to keep supply limited. Incorporating the Killer Cats into the Yakuza family will be done by eventually forming a background piece of the last place on the roadmap, a Play2Earn game on Metaverse.

Now that important details about the YCS ecosystem setup have been revealed with the voting available through $ DAMA, YCS DAO has used $ DAMA and got its first vote on November 12th. YCS DAO implements the tokenomics built into the new 4 year incentive program where yakuza NFT cats are put into play to win $ DAMA. Genesis Yakuza Cats will earn $ 10 DAMA per day while the Killer Cats will earn $ 5 DAMA per day. YCS DAO confirms that it will pursue its future as a decentralized autonomous organization. The new tokenomics will be used to engage the community, the core team and investors. All of this will ultimately strengthen the ecosystem.

Metaverse projects like Sandbox and Decentraland were the pioneers, now we can expect YCS DAO to be live for the next big wave.

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