Wife of convicted former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt says Rana Ayyub and Teesta Setalvad gave her no support

On October 1, journalist Mathew Samuel published an interview with Shweta Bhatt, wife of convicted former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, in which Shweta accused “activists” Teesta Setalvad and Rana Ayyub of claiming to have helped Sanjiv but to actually do nothing. During the interview, Samuel asked Shweta about the ongoing cases against her husband and how she deals with her daily life. During the conversation, Samuel asked Shweta about the alleged support she was receiving from activists, but shockingly, Shweta denied receiving any such support.

Samuel, who is apparently friends with Teesta Setalvad, asked Shweta that Teesta and Rana Ayyub claimed they were doing a lot in the Sanjiv Bhatt case. Shweta said, “None of them did anything for Sanjiv’s case for those four years.” Sanjiv was arrested in 2018 and is currently serving a life sentence in a case related to a death in custody. “I don’t think they even called us,” Shweta added.

Samuel, who was visibly shocked to hear the truth, said: “But they say on social media and in public that they will help you tremendously! They make these kinds of statements. Rana even came to Kerala and claimed all these things just like Teesta.

Shweta replied, “They are not in touch with me at all. I have no contact with them at all. They didn’t call me. They didn’t help in any way. There is no connection between them and me. Nothing at all.”

When Samuel asked why these “activists” cried, Shweta replied, “You should ask them. There was no connection if we talk about money, not a single rupee even if we talk about morals, not a single phone call. Without even saying ‘Shweta, how are you? Do you need help? How are you ? No courtesy visit, nothing at all. I don’t remember talking to Rana Ayyub for ages.

Samuel bluntly asked, “So they’re lying?” to which Shweta agreed and said, “Yeah, yeah. They are not in contact with me at all.

Samuel told Shweta how Teesta cast like she helps Sanjiv a lot. She even claimed to have formed a team to provide necessary support to Sanjiv. “I even get WhatsApp messages about it. I still refuse to sign.

Shweta, who was visibly disgusted that her husband’s name was being used by “activists,” said, “Please confirm with me if anything comes to mind. I say this not only to you but to everyone in Kerala because I have a very special place for Kerala in my heart. I have never asked for anything in Kerala. Why should people on our behalf ask anything in Kerala? It’s just not done.

Samuel then mentioned the action of the Enforcement Directorate against Rana Ayyub. He said, “I’m asking you all this because these guys claim they’re the militants. I am a journalist, I am not an activist. I have never opted for an activist-type program. But these guys always claim they did it for this, they did it for that. They fight against Modi and all those things. And you must know that ED confiscated more than several million rupees from these ladies in the time of Covid. Shweta again confirmed that she had not been contacted by either of them and said that they had not even made a courtesy call to her.

Rana Ayyub had dismissed Sanjiv Bhatt’s claims about the Gujarat riots in her book

Rana Ayyub has written a “fictitious” book about the Gujarat riots which she claims is based on facts and her secret investigations. However, the tapes she claims to have as evidence have never been made public.

In February 2011, Tehelka published former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s ‘testimony’ in which he claimed he was present during the meeting with Gujarat CM Narendra Modi on February 27, 2002, where he is said to have said that Hindus should be allowed to vent their anger.

However, Ayyub rejected Bhatt’s testimony. She wrote: ‘Many people I knew and spoke to personally did not buy his argument, suggesting that no chief minister would jeopardize his political career by giving an order like that to the among dozens of senior bureaucrats and officers. There were too many questions. Why did it take Sanjiv Bhatt so long to come out and make this statement? In many years of reporting on Gujarat, I had never met Sanjiv Bhatt or any of his stories,” she said.

Sanjiv Bhatt reportedly spoke of a romantic relationship between a ‘journalist’ and a ‘lawyer-activist’

In September 2017, disgraced cop Sanjiv Bhatt took to Facebook to allege that a ‘journalist’ had been romantically involved with an IPS officer investigating the Sohrabuddin encounter case, as well as with a “lawyer-activist” who was fighting the victims of the 2002 riots. case.

While Bhatt had neither confirmed nor denied whether the message was about Rana Ayyub, who wrote a book called “Gujarat Files” which was supposed to be an expose on the case of the encounter with Sohrabuddin and the 2002 riots, he had given enough clues to imply that he wrote about her.

Many had speculated that the “lawyer-activist” he was talking about was Mukul Sinha, who died after a battle with cancer.

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