Westport Humanitarian Company Gets New X-ray Machine

WESTPORT – When a pet is sick or injured, it is a scary time for the animal and for those who care for it. And the Westport branch of the Connecticut Humane Society has seen its share of sick animals, said Theresa Geary, the organization’s director of operations.

Not only does the humanitarian company provide medical care for animals destined for adoption, it also provides veterinary care at a reduced price for pets whose owners might not be able to afford a traditional clinic. Sometimes these animals need an x-ray, but until recently the Westport branch of the Humanitarian Society did not have its own x-ray machine.

Now the Westport branch has its own x-ray machine, thanks to a $ 53,000 grant from the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation, a Torrington-based organization that aims to help animals of all kinds.

Animals suspected of bone fractures and other problems previously should have been taken either to a local clinic that had a relationship with the humanitarian society or to the humanitarian society’s Fox Memorial Clinic. Geary said she was grateful to have access to the machine in Newington, but bringing animals there could be stressful and prolong the diagnosis.

“The sooner you get a diagnosis, the faster the animal can be treated,” Geary said.

Geary said the new machine was purchased and installed a few weeks ago, and made a huge difference. She said the x-ray machine “can be used for all kinds of things”, not just breaks or fractures.

For example, Geary said, if an animal is vomiting or has a lack of appetite, an X-ray may be needed to determine if the animal has swallowed a foreign object.

While Humane Society staff were happy to take the animals to the Newington Clinic when x-rays were needed, Geary said it was a relief to be able to streamline the process.

“Whatever is in the best interest (of the animals), we will do it, but if we can reduce the stress – which the x-ray machine will do – we want to do it,” she said.

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