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Say it with us, say it all together, say it loud and clear, and above all say it in your best vocal approximation of Martin Tyler:

And it’s live!

Yes, y’all, that’s the time. After writing too many words about too many basketball teams over the past six weeks, we’ve officially come to the narrowest and sharpest end of the Bubble Watch calendar: Champions Week. It’s when we stop being polite and start getting real, etc. and so on, but it’s especially when we turn this page into a living document, ready to be edited at any time, as soon as the results come in and the teams and general fortunes change. There’s still plenty to play for, as the calculations below indicate (and the number of teams still listed in the fairly large column below as well):

Autobidding: 25Clocks: 31Should be in: 4Work to do: 1Game waiting: 12

On Saturday night, that’s 73 teams for 68 spots, with 13 teams having work to do or already knocked out of their conference tournaments vying for eight spots at large along the bubble. That number will change again on Saturday.


• A lock is a lock. In other words, we’re very careful when calling Teams locks. A lock, within reason, should be basically guaranteed to make the tournament.

• Records (which, like the committee, do not include wins over non-Division I opponents) are always up to date. NET and SOS numbers are current from previous nightly updates. Wherever possible, we will try to keep all relevant NET numbers and times up to date. Special thanks to Warren Nolan and, whose view of the NET schedule and tracking of canceled/postponed games is invaluable.

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