Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk explains how American politics replaced the “mechanics of Christianity” with guilt: Church: Christianity Daily

Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA, explains how America’s current political climate blames people for choosing to ignore the “mechanics of Christianity.”

Kirk said in an interview with Tucker carlson on Fox Nation Monday as US politics increasingly focus on distinct groups.

He said when he visited college campuses he tried to dissuade students from participating in the now standard academic discussion of “the oppressor versus the oppressed,” which he also described as “boring” and “unconstructive. “.

Fox News Quoted him as saying, “It creates deeply disgruntled activists, which is exactly what our universities are creating. So conservatives play into this kind of oppressed thing by not being able to face the guilt that they feel because they went to these universities. “

According to Kirk, while citing several modern “guilt” such as “white guilt, wealth guilt, and corporate guilt,” finding “meaning” in politics is difficult compared to other areas of life. such as faith.

Carlson commented that he had supplanted theology, which Kirk agreed to.

“So a meaningless society will find meaning – and we have found it by atoning for our own guilt.”

Religion is scratched

Kirk observes that the influence of organized religion has been steadily diminished in American culture, using Christianity as an example of this transition. He also emphasized the role of Christianity in dealing with guilt.

“A true Christian, after participating in either a religious service or a thorough reading of the scriptures, you are freed from this guilt,” he explained. “Whatever guilt it may be – for wronging your neighbor, or for being of a certain skin tone that society says you shouldn’t be, because you’re going straight to the source, your Creator. “

“So it’s the mechanics of Christianity that have worked so well over the past two millennia that you don’t owe society any penance because of the melanin content in your skin,” he said.

This process, according to Kirk, involves attending worship and evangelizing with other people, but for sects like Roman Catholicism, their practice is strongly centered on the Eucharist.

For Kirk, this means that he and countless others who always put their faith first are frequently freed from the guilt that drives much of modern politics. In fact, the concept of reconciliation accomplishes more than most political activists want their campaigns to produce.

“And then, of course, make atonement with your neighbor — go to your neighbor and say, ‘You know what, I wronged you. Will you forgive me?’ — All of a sudden, you are freed from anything you could have done, ”he added.

Turning his attention to left-wing Democrats, Kirk said they, on the other hand, “are shirking their guilt through massive public policy measures, activism, wealth confiscation and the elimination of property. private “.

Meanwhile, in California, a preacher is constantly sounding the alarm that ministers who have “refused to clarify their political positions” are ignoring threats to their congregations, such as shutting down corporate-owned businesses. Christians, the loss of their jobs or their children being reprimanded by their respective schools.

He argues that Christians should not be forced to “shut up or suffer because they are not properly trained to fend off left-wing bullies.”

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