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When Elon Musk opened the birdcage, the Wokest goons flew straight into the waiting prison cell from the far-left social media platform Tribel.

At least, that’s what they keep promising to do. Twitter is awash with blue-ticks insisting they will shut down their accounts after racking up tearful attention. They are all still there.

To smooth the transition, Tribel decided to prove it takes the safe space industry seriously by preemptively banning former US President Trump and current Twitter overlord Elon Musk — even though neither has expressed a desire to join.

Social media is a lucrative industry. There are 4.7 billion users worldwide, of which Facebook takes the lion’s share, followed by YouTube. Twitter comes in at 14th place, however, it leads the pack on “live news,” meaning Twitter’s influence hits above the body of its user base. He fulfills the role of the medieval town crier, shouting out to the rest of the internet. When it comes to news platforms, Twitter has no equal.

If you haven’t heard of rival Tribel, don’t worry. Tribel has been around for a year and has barely made a dent in the social media market. The site’s founder, Omar Rivero, is also responsible for the embarrassing Occupy Democrats Twitter account (which Musk did not ban).

In a Tweet last week, Occupy Democrats wrote:

‘BREAKING: New pro-democracy Twitter alternative @TribelSocial announces that it has preemptively blocked Donald Trump, @DonaldJTrumpJr and Kanye West from its social network, citing their “spreading dangerous conspiracies and fake news”. RT IF YOU SUPPORT TRIBEL’S DECISION!’

Yes… Social media’s pro-democracy petty is looking for people to congratulate it on banishing the former president from the free world. Maybe it’s a parody platform managed in secret by BabylonBee?

Incidentally, it was Twitter’s banning of BabylonBee that led directly to Twitter’s release. Musk has decided that a social media entity unable to handle a bit of comedy needs to be reformed urgently for the good of humanity – and by God, the left hates the sound of laughter.

In response to Tribel’s request for public congratulations on his recent banning of accounts that don’t exist – which is a bit like Stalin squinting at his cheering party members, daring someone to stop clapping first – Twitter users were quick to mock Tribel’s overbearing terms of service.

A screenshot of Tribel’s Terms of Service states:

Use of published information: In exchange for using the Website, you hereby grant Tribel an unlimited, perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid-for, transferable, assignable, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, commercially exploit, reuse, perform and display all information posted, including personal information…’

Which doesn’t seem exactly – uh – sure?

Tribel moved quickly on rival platform Twitter, forcing the new social media platform to fall behind faster than PayPal.

‘Hi! We removed this part of our Terms of Service a few days ago. We really have no idea why our former lawyer put this in there, and we should have checked his work more carefully. We would never “sell” user posts – whatever that means! We are political activists.

It looks like the platform has been guilty of a bit of fake news and misinformation – but I credit them with the admission that they are in fact political activists.

The post-millennium went a little harder with the fledgling tech company, hinting that Tribel may be a data-gathering exercise for Occupy Democrats and Rivero, given that it’s essentially a honey trap for their potential ideological clients.

As Tribel is busy boarding up sobbing leftists with bruised feelings after enduring two days of verbal retaliation from conservatives (who eventually had the tape ripped from their mouths), Elon Musk is tweeting ‘scary’ things as :

“Finally, the truth that carbs are amazing can be told on this platform!” #Freedom of speech.’

“Freshly baked bread and pastries are among the great joys in life.”

“Comedy is now legal on Twitter.”

Tribel is simply not growing at the pace required to worry Twitter. Like other social media platforms that have tried to usurp the bluebird, it’s nearly impossible to force a comfortable clientele to move. Only a truly better product has the power to clean the room.

That didn’t stop Omar Rivero (using Twitter?) from complaining:

“Trumpers and Elon Muskers are flooding my inbox with racist threats because I’m the founder of @TribelSocial. Apparently it drives them crazy that I’m a Mexican immigrant who created a fast-growing pro-democracy society [sic] Alternative to Twitter. If you have my back, please RT and join Tribel! ‘

Which is a pretty weird advertising flex. Rivero should try to be a conservative woman on Twitter for five minutes under the tyrannical rule of left-leaning content moderators who saw “no problem” with death threats filling the inboxes of women who dared to say hateful things like ‘men competing against women in cheating sport’.

The tweet pinned to Tribel’s Twitter account (don’t you like how they’re grabbing Twitter’s top customer base?) reads:

‘To all the Trump supporters who accuse us of “censoring” them on our new social media: we don’t censor any posts. Our algorithms simply filter out fake news, bigotry and hostility. If you want to trend on our network, your posts should be factual and free from bigotry.

In other words, Tribel embraces speech and truth the way Stalin, Mao, and Hitler did—with their feelings—and by blaming its users for the speech it weaponizes against its corporate competitors. After all, is there anything more “unfriendly” (to use their words) than accusing users of being “hateful, liar, bigoted” without offering any proof, then telling people to “ subscribe” – basically – if they also hate this group of people?

Tribel gave the world a concrete example of their moral logic and censorship power when Libs of TikTok created an account to state an established biological fact “men can’t get pregnant” and received an almost immediate jubilant message from Tribel:

‘It was quick. Your transphobic posts were quickly deleted by our system – then we at the @TribelSocial Network got you started quickly. Bring your bigotry back to Trump’s Truth Social or @kanyewest’s Parler.

Too bad for Tribel who is interested in “truth” or facts. On Tribel – the virtuous authority on absolute “truth” in modern society – men can get pregnant. Otherwise, you will be banned for transphobia.

At least Tribel gives us a glimpse of what the public forum looks like when Democrats can act out their wildest “free speech” fantasies. Most would call it a Stalinist hellscape that resembles the ideological grime scraped off from shovels in Mao’s death camps.

Just for fun, here’s a passage that hasn’t aged particularly well since Occupy Democrats – the self-proclaimed arbiters of truth and facts…

“Since the start of the coronavirus crisis in Wuhan, China, American conservatives and imperialist liberals have worked tirelessly to politicize the pandemic and turn it into an indictment of the Chinese Communist Party. In doing so, they dragged the WHO into the mud for its work in China, accusing them of helping the Chinese government ‘cover up’ the extent of the pandemic by using data provided by the Chinese government and tightening their pearls. against the director of the WHO. – Praise from General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for China’s tough but effective containment efforts.

“But the World Health Organization operates on the principle that every life in every country is of equal value and they will do whatever they have to do to save as many lives as possible.

“If that means not recognizing Taiwan’s independence and treating the Chinese government with anything other than open hostility, then they will, if it buys them the Chinese government’s continued cooperation.”

Pro-democracy starts with freedom of expression.

Freedom of speech eliminates lies and misinformation through the noise of debate.

When Twitter was controlled by ideological censors, outright lies were normalized as fact – like pregnant men. The left is furious with Musk’s purchase of Twitter because his era of misinformation is over.

Free speech will settle this mess soon enough, but will fringe activism survive the revolution?

I doubt.

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