The tyranny of minority activism

Yesterday, the Federal Parliament opened to the now customary Welcome to the Country by Aboriginal Elders, followed by songs and dances by Aboriginal performers and accompanying smoking ceremonies. This contributed to the obedience to the aborigine which has become part of contemporary political culture.

Also yesterday, rugby league club Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, Sydney’s north shore silvertail spivs, were rocked by seven of their first-year squad refusing to wear so-called ‘pride’ shirts, which they claimed to be in conflict with their personal religious beliefs.

The boycott was prompted by Manly adopting the shirt without notice to comply with the National Rugby League’s planned ‘pride tour’.

I don’t care much for the ostentatious bluster in Canberra. Politicians can do whatever they want, as long as Parliament doesn’t wake up too much and make us broke.

I also don’t care about the hurt feelings of boycotting Manly players. After signing their lavish contracts and, having chosen Mammon over God, they should suck it.

Potentially torpedoing their club’s season is fine thanks to an NRL player’s champagne lifestyle their contracts pay for. If there is no contractual provision for a religious objection to the club’s promotional activities, that’s it, whether they like it or not.

What stinks about both, however, are the causes of these ostentatious, divisive and disruptive displays of Wokeness: the tyranny of the agendas of tiny activist groups over the rest of us.

According to census data, the proportion of Australians who prefer unconventional or same-sex sex is around 3%. The percentage of Australians who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is also around 3%.

Yet the time and money the public and corporations give to their causes is well over 3%. Think about how same-sex marriage paralyzed the political agenda for two years, and how Voice to Parliament’s constitutional proposal will likely do so for the next two years. And these are just two of the many three percent problems that eat away at public discourse and dominate our politics.

Add the enormous expenditure of political and media time and energy on a fraction of a fraction of a percent – the trans and non-binary “community” – and you could be forgiven for thinking that the public conversation revolves around these questions with blah-blah climate change filling in the remaining time.

I moved on. Are you?

Why don’t the activists opposite leave us alone? Why do they defile us all with their versions of original sin, and treat any disagreement, let alone outright opposition, to their causes as heresy? Why do we have to pay exorbitant prices for a company’s product (and the NRL is more a business than it is a sport) and still get an unwanted portion of Woke ideology on the side?

Indeed, why do corporations go out of their way to kowtow to fringe activism when it means offending and denigrating many of the 97% who actually bring them their revenue and profits?

It is not the individual manifestations of the three percent causes that should be denounced. These are the three central causes themselves.

People should be free to be themselves whether they are aboriginal or gay. Or whatever.

But in return for the acceptance and respect they demand – or rather the activists who claim to speak on their behalf – they would in return have to show respect and acceptance from the silent majority.

A truly diverse society is one in which no group can expect to have everything in its own way. Activists should not expect, as their right, ostentatious and obsequious displays of public tribute from governments, corporations and churches that treat them as special people, distinct from the rest of the population. Nor should they and their mainstream and social media cheerleaders assume that their view of what is right is always superior to that of others. Indeed, most of the 97% already act towards the three percent with kindness, respect and acceptance – regardless of race, religion and sexuality. But for activists, this inconvenient truth gets in the way of a good, attention-grabbing story.

If we really want to claim that we have a diverse and inclusive society, and address the disadvantages and discrimination that still exist in our society in a collective spirit of tolerance and respect, we must end the self-righteous ostentation of those who love pride. rounds and thanks from the country.

The 97% will accept the 3%, but the goodwill disappears when they are coerced and ashamed to do so.

We must resist the corrosive and destructive tyranny of the militants of the three percent.

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