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JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin Humane Society welcomes its new group of volunteers.

They are now able to help the shelter in its daily operations.

“We want to give volunteers all the skills they will need to be successful. Skills on how to stay safe, how to interact with animals and provide the socialization they need,” said Animal Behavior Manager Thomas Jay.

On Saturday afternoon, Joplin Humane held an orientation and training session for its new volunteers.

“We will learn how to get the animals in and out. Things to look for when interacting with them. The warning signs we call them. Things to let us know animals are in an uncomfortable situation and how to deal with it when these signs appear,” Jay said.

12 people have completed the training and will now be able to help with clinics and pet owner registration after adoption.

“There are so many animals here. We focus on cleaning and feeding them and we cannot focus on every animal. So having these volunteers come out and walk them and play with them, it’s great to provide that interaction and stimulation and it makes customers feel good when they can see the animals interacting with them,” Jay said.

The shelter says volunteers help animals find forever homes.

“We see a lot of volunteers adopting. They come here and they interact with the animals and they fall in love. I see this happens often. We have a lot of volunteers who will take them offsite and they will go meet adopters out there in the world and they will come back here and find an animal that they love,” Jay said.

The Joplin Humane Society holds four orientation sessions per month.

“I wanted to volunteer because I really love animals and it gives me something to do on weekends. I miss having a dog because being in medical school doesn’t allow me to have a lot of pets. So I love coming here and interacting with the animals,” said volunteer Teddy Zamzow.

To apply for a volunteer, click here.

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