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For members of the Hofstra Bread Society, baking bread is bread work. The club, currently led by the Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College, focuses on anything and everything related to bread, from baking it to discussing its wider societal impacts.

“Bread is such a unique food. This is integral to keeping communities together on [different] levels,” said Natalie Correa, a sophomore in sustainability. “There’s so much history behind it.”

Last fall, Correa co-founded the club and currently runs the entire operation. Having had a passion for cooking from college, Correa learned how to bake bread when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and now hopes to pass on her skills to others.

“I love sharing that skill with people…especially with the common mindset of the typical American college student who doesn’t really know how to cook,” she said.

“If you can get free food and you can learn something, especially a life skill, definitely come. It’s something you can use continuously,” Correa added, encouraging people to join the Bread Society.

Their first spring semester event, held on Wednesday, Feb. 9, saw the members making pretzels and casually debating topics like what defines bread. Questions like “is cake considered bread?” sparked the conversation.

“It’s so interesting how we get this instant community around bread. Everyone feels like they belong,” Nicholas Lucchetto, a first-year geography student, said of his first event with the club. .

In addition to the types of bread baked, Correa hopes to globalize Hofstra Bread Society discussions, exploring ideas about how bread differs and shapes communities and traditions around the world.

Correa also noted that she was fascinated by bread’s impact on modern culture, from religious texts to pop music to the language we use every day.

“It’s so interesting to think of terms like ‘Let’s have this bread,’ ‘Let’s make this dough,’ or ‘Let’s break the bread together,'” she said.

The club hopes to continue offering a wide variety of events ranging from baking events to get-togethers away from the kitchen. Last semester, the Bread Society hosted a Thanksgiving potluck and “Aladdin” movie night, then discussing the influence bread can have on one’s livelihood and one’s story. movie.

“What I like the most about the club is that it’s still so laid back. It’s something where you can just have fun, meet people and do something that you wouldn’t be able to do. normally,” said first-year political science student Kelly Barnes. “It’s really a community building thing.”

The club hopes to become an official organization funded by the university. While non-Honors College students are already welcome, Correa says they want to become as accessible as possible and share their love of bread with the community. They are also looking for people to help form a club board of directors and other clubs interested in collaborating.

The Hofstra Bread Society is hosting their next meeting on National Banana Bread Day, Wednesday, February 23, with more information about the club found on their Instagram, @hofstrabreadsociety, or by email at [email protected] .

“Natalie knows what she’s doing. She’s the right person to lead this, and I’m so glad she put in the effort,” Barnes said.

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