The historical society hosts the dedication of a tree at Clara Barton elementary school

BORDENTOWN CITY, NJ – Bordentown students were treated to a visit by Clara Barton herself last week for a dedication ceremony in honor of Barton’s founding of the American Red Cross and New Jersey’s first public school.

The event, hosted by the Bordentown Historical Society (BHS), took place on Friday 21 at the school that bears Barton’s name – Clara Barton Elementary School – in Bordentown City, which serves Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in the city and township. Friday marked the 140th anniversary of Barton’s founding of the American Red Cross.

Earlier this month, the Historical Society planted six new trees at Clara Barton Elementary School in honor of the six students who pioneered Barton School in Bordentown, which it opened in 1852 and which was New Jersey’s first public school. The one-room school, located at the corner of Crosswicks Street and East Burlington Street in Bordentown City, later attracted 600 students by the end of its freshman year.

“When I started I was what we would call a volunteer. I told the people of the city of Bordentown that I would open a public school, a school that no one would have to pay for and that I would work for free, ”said Barton, which was reproduced by the BHS co-chair, Bonnie Goldman. students. “A volunteer is someone who does important work but doesn’t expect money. I have volunteered a lot throughout my life, this is something I recommend you all to do.

In addition to planting the trees, the Historical Society also hung six banners on the lampposts at Clara Barton Elementary School that describe Barton’s accomplishments and will hopefully inspire a new generation of leaders.

“Thank you very much for your vision and for all you’ve done to help people,” Madhuri Rodriguez, executive director of the American Red Cross Southern New Jersey branch, told Goldman-as-Barton. “We are very proud to carry on your legacy today and into the future.”

As a thank you to the 15 students who participated in the inauguration ceremony, the Historical Society gave each child an activity book created by members of the BHS in honor of Barton’s 200.e anniversary, occurring later this year. The book tells Clara Barton’s story so that younger children can understand it and include pictures that they can color. The BHS is currently selling the activity books to raise funds to restore the original school and inspire the younger generation. The students also received an American Red Cross Red Cross bracelet and pin.

Several representatives of the American Red Cross attended the event, as well as members of the BHS.

The Historical Society recently undertook a massive fundraiser to raise money to replace the one-piece school roof. The Raise the Roof campaign raised over $ 43,000 for a new roof as well as other necessary renovations to the building’s HVAC and electrical systems. The organization continues to raise funds to further restore the school.

For more information on the Bordentown Historical Society’s Raise the Roof campaign, click HERE.

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