The historic society remembers the steel industries of Ellwood City

ELLWOOD CITY – The Ellwood City Area Historical Society held its last meeting on November 9, which coincided with the anniversary of its very first meeting on November 9, 1987.

President Everett Bleakney said the property at 430 Lawrence Ave. had been officially transferred to the company and classified as non-taxable.

The historic grounds will be used to accommodate the company’s wagon and host other events.

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New directors will be installed at the next company meeting on January 10. The guest speaker will be Andrew Henley of the Lawrence County Historical Society.

Bleakney was named president, Andy Kindle as first vice president, Bob Morabito as second vice president, Lois Liebendorfer as secretary and Charles Brown as treasurer. Dana Baker and Alexis Estabrook have been appointed to the board of directors for a three-year term.

Morabito was the guest speaker for the meeting, with his presentation, “Foundries of Freedom,” focusing on the old and current steel industries of Ellwood City.

He spoke of Aetna Standard receiving five awards during WWII and General Motors receiving six, as well as US Steel, the National Tube Division, known as “Tube Mill,” and Matthews Conveyor, all of which received three awards.

Morabito also on National Plumbing, which made cast iron sinks and tubs, and iron rails for American tanks during the war.

In addition, Ellwood City Forge has been recognized for the manufacture of crankshafts for airplanes and small power equipment, one of which was presented to the historic company by the head of the company, David Barensfeld.

Morabito said that of all the awards in the United States, Ellwood City received the most awards per capita and by industry.

Kaye Houk and Linda Ritter won the door prizes for the evening.

Nicholas Vercilla is a reporter for the Beaver County Times and Ellwood City Ledger. He can be contacted at [email protected] Ledger columnist Louise Carroll contributed to this report.

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