The Gulf Coast Humane Society prepares for the dangers of hurricane season

Alisa Mills, executive director of the Gulf Coast Humane Society, said her facility was prepared for the uncertain weather.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It’s that time of year again when residents should start packing their hurricane preparedness kits.

When you hear the words “hurricane season,” you probably think of supplies and an escape plan for your family. However, you should not forget to prepare for family members who cannot manage on their own, such as your pets.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society and Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales are already preparing the facility for the weather. What happens to animals without a home or family to care for?

Barbara Canales has designated Gulf Coast Humane Society employees as essential workers, which will only benefit the hurricane preparedness process if times get tough.

“There will be certain people who need to be able to care for the animals in our community,” Canales said. “The Gulf Coast Humane Society has demonstrated years of excellence in this area.”

The Gulf Coast Humane Society is prepared for crisis situations, which is why Canales gave reinstatement letters to staff.

“These are critical workers, on the right, essential workers, they have to be able to come back,” Canales said. “But most importantly, we need their advice.”

Alisa Mills, executive director of the Gulf Coast Humane Society, said her facility was prepared for the uncertain weather.

“It has on-demand water heaters for showers and such, so staff can come in here, we have fridges and things like that,” Mills said. “We have a big backup generator.”

These items will make life a little easier for the staff when they leave their families to help the shelter and its inhabitants.

If shelter-in-place is no longer an option, Alisa Mills said the facility has a plan in place to move the animals safely.

“And then if that becomes where we have to go, we already have a memorandum of understanding, and kind of how we move the animals from Corpus Christi to the other town,” Mills said.

Canales added: “I’m so proud of the Richard Borchard exhibition center, when we evacuate people to the exhibition center and take them, you know, in buses to go to safer ground inland , we have a protocol for pets.”

One of the protocols will include pets receiving bands that match their owner’s information, so it will be difficult to lose your pet.

“The modern facilities we have here teach us not just to rescue, but to take care of them when they are injured,” Canales said.

Alisa Mills suggests not only packing extra food and water in your hurricane preparedness kit for your furry friends, but also making sure you have your pet’s shot records. Some places allow you to shelter with your pet, but you must have proof of rabies and vaccinations.

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