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A sample of works by Cadillac Art Society curator Charlotte Art.

CADILLAC – Calling all patrons. This could be an opportunity to finally finish the gallery wall in the living room or to discover a local band. Artists from the community come together to exhibit their work in downtown Cadillac with a series of art walks.

Each month, the Cadillac Art Society will select a downtown business to host a miniature gallery and live music session with the goal of networking and selling their work.

With the aim of providing artists with a platform to promote their talents, curator Charlotte Art founded the company in September.

“Basically I decided one day to walk downtown and talk to all the business owners,” Art said. “It ended up taking a few days, but I ended up talking to all of them, and they all agreed to provide space to start an art walk, be it wall space or window space. “

In addition to creating a space for artists to make a profit, Art Walk is also an opportunity for them to learn how to sell themselves. When designers new to the scene join the company, Art said she offers advice on how to price artwork and start an online store.

Artistic walk 2

A sample of the work of Cadillac Art Society member Wayne Kent.

While she recognizes that there are other art-focused organizations in the area, Art said she wanted to create a group that is free and full of opportunities. In her experience, most artists didn’t have the budget to get started this way, so she reached out to Raven Social and worked with them to coordinate what would become the first of many art walks.

Currently, the Cadillac Art Society is made up of around 10 to 15 designers, ranging from painters and photographers to artisans and clothing designers. As the group grows, the places for the art walk will also increase. But, for now, Raven Social is the only place on the boardwalk.

“Once a month we all get together,” Art said. “We invite all members of our community to enjoy live music, arts and crafts, and get to know your local arts community. “

There is no entrance fee to experience the Art Walk, but food and drink can be purchased at the Raven Social. If anyone sees their dream piece across the restaurant, all they need to do is let their server know and it can be purchased on site. Composing a convenient way to buy art has been encouraging for potential clients.

Artistic walk 3

Musician Dave Dalton performs at a previous Art Walk.

“I have been on several art walks across the country, and I have also been on many fairs and events, and arts and crafts are definitely something you need to hold, see, feel a little thing to really capture in the full depth of what it is, ”said Art. “And I think this is the perfect opportunity to take this work of art and put it in the hands of consumers.”

So far, members of the society have seen a lot of success from these events, according to Art.

“Each artist has sold, generally, at least one piece,” she said. “I know my musical artists last month walked away with a profit of about $ 100 each for a few tips.”

Artistic walk 4

Musician Jesse Jefferson is a recurring issue of Art Walk as well as a live performance coordinator for the Cadillac Art Society.

Because it is a non-profit organization, the Cadillac Art Society pays out of pocket for all promotions, advertising and reservations. Donations are still being accepted and Art said they are currently seeking community sponsorships.

The Art Walk installations will take place on the third Saturday of each month. Art lovers can attend the next event on Saturday January 15 at Raven Social from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

You can find more information about the Cadillac Art Society on their Facebook page.[email protected]

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