Swedish right-wing leader abandons his candidacy for prime minister with Lofven waiting behind the scenes | World news

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Candidate for right-wing Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said on Thursday he was abandoning his attempt to form a government just two days after the president gave him the first stab at forming one after the fall of the center-left cabinet.

“The parliamentary conditions to form a new center-right government do not exist,” he said at a press conference.

Given the makeup of the current parliament, it was generally expected that Kristersson would struggle to gain sufficient support.

In a last ditch effort to attract individual MPs to break ranks from their party lines, he promised a lavish package of rural development reforms on Wednesday, but this was quickly rejected by the centrist party which was key to his plans. form a government.

Kristersson was asked to try to form a new government after Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who led a fragile center-left government, lost a vote of no confidence last week and then resigned.

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The president is now expected to hand over the next government formation attempt to Lofven, whose support is stronger and potentially enough to get his government approved by parliament, though insufficient to secure passage of his budget bills.

(Reporting by Johan Ahlander and Simon Johnson; editing by Niklas Pollard)

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