Stephanie Grisham doesn’t deserve a pass for shedding light on Melania Trump’s misdeeds (Opinion)

This week, Politico got their hands on a preview of the upcoming book by Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary and Melania Trump’s chief of staff. Grisham writes that, as violent insurgents descended on the Capitol complex on January 6, she texted Melania Trump: “Do you want to tweet that peaceful protests are the right of every American, but not is there no room for anarchy and violence? “

Grisham resigned hours later after sending the text.

The preview also includes other unflattering information. Melania did not reach out to Jill Biden for the usual inaugural tea as, according to Grisham, Melania agreed with her husband’s false claim that the election was stolen.

Melania largely denies the allegations. In a statement, his office wrote: “The intention behind this book is obvious. It is an attempt to redeem himself after a poor performance as a press secretary, failed personal relationships and unprofessional behavior in the White House. Through falsehood and betrayal, she seeks to gain relevance and money at the expense of Ms. Trump. ”
To be fair, Grisham is indeed seeking to gain relevance and money at Mrs Trump’s expense. But Mr. and Mrs. Trump have both sought to gain relevance and money at the expense of the entire country and American democracy itself. The Trump family’s list of ethics violations, conflicts, and self-operation cases might fill its own column, but most obviously, the former president and his wife have profited greatly by hosting events on the properties of Trump and having heads of state and whites. Visitors to the house are staying at Trump’s hotel. U.S. taxpayers have also footed the bill for the Secret Service to stay on Trump’s properties – money that went straight back to the Trump family’s wallet.

So there are no heroes or truth tellers here, and no one to feel particularly sorry for – except for the many people who suffered under the Trump regime, and all of us who now live in a nation deeply. divided by the poisoned former president.

Throughout Donald Trump’s tenure, some liberals have questioned whether Melania was a secret objector, a woman who through no fault of her own found herself trapped in a golden cage. “Free Melania” has become the rallying cry of this group. But it was obvious from the start that Melania was not a caged bird singing under duress. She chose to marry Trump when her racism and misogyny were long established. She may not have wanted to be First Lady or get involved in politics, but she is not a victim. She’s an adult who made her own choices. And all the evidence suggests that she is more aligned with her husband than privately antagonist with him.
But Stephanie Grisham is not a heroine to express herself now; she is trying to save her skin. She started working with the Trump campaign in 2015. She stayed with Donald Trump through the Access Hollywood tape where he bragged about sexually assaulting women. She stayed with him through the policy of family separation which tore young children away from their parents. She has stayed with him through endless lies, torrents of fanaticism, layers of family strife, dangerous political decisions and obvious inconvenience, even defending him as a “genius”. And she directly contributed to some of the administration’s worst actions. This includes his demonization of the mainstream and famous press – “the enemy of the people” as the former president often called it.
Grisham was the first White House press secretary in history to never hold a press conference, even while American taxpayers paid her salary as a press secretary. Instead, she only gave interviews to right-wing media, which regularly disseminated disinformation and ultimately contributed directly to the Capitol riots which left several dead, many injured and American democracy harshly. affected.

Grisham did not resign because she is a good person with serious moral objections to what the Trump administration has done. She quit because she saw the writing on the wall – and now she’s trying to rehabilitate herself.

Every word from Grisham’s next revealer could be true. It could accurately describe Donald, Melania, and many of their families and employees as some of the most deplorable and morally hideous people to ever occupy the White House.

But remember: Grisham is not a light shedding light on the darkness of the Trump administration. She is one of them, who pushed Trump’s vile messages and left America cracked and possibly destroyed forever. Just because she’s in a cynical self-preservation mode and rightly further reveals the heinousness of the Trump team doesn’t mean the rest of us should ignore our own role in undermining the basic democratic standard of a free press and politicians accountable to the American. people.

We can be happy that the truth about Melania is being told. But we don’t have to rehabilitate the reputation of someone who, like the Trumps, never apologized, never tried to redeem himself, and was never held fully accountable.

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