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Students at Wright State University (WSU) showed their appreciation for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrated his life by hosting two events to express what he means to them culturally and personally.

A student’s dream

On Monday, January 10, students gathered inside the Bolinga Center to create and share their personal aspirations of Dr. King’s inspired dream and their vision for WSU.

Students shared what MLK week meant to them and engaged in conversations about the week.

“We need to remember our history and demonstrate our own activism practices to make sure people understand the struggles we continue to face today,” student Gary Neal said.

Each student had a passionate attachment to the week as Dr. King inspired them all in different ways. The students shared their aspirations and why they chose to celebrate MLK week.

“I just want things to be easier for us, all I could really ask for is peace,” student Brianna Green said.

Many students supported his statement, sharing that the majority of them felt the same way.

all about peace

Quatez Scott, the cross-cultural specialist at the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, pushed to express peace during this week.

On Tuesday, January 11, he gave a glimpse into Dr. King’s life through a virtual event where he highlighted King’s idea of ​​peace in his forms of justice. In his speech, Scott shed light on Dr. King’s work and how he addressed the five faces of oppression, which include exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence.

“The hope is that people not only see Dr. King as the great activist and organizer he was for racial and economic equality, but that people learn to appreciate how much he embodied the concepts of peace that lead to a justice-oriented society,” said Scott.

Dr. King is widely known for his roles as a political activist in American history. Scott was able to shine a light on the fact that not everything should be treated with violence and how Dr. King, a noble leader, was a strong believer in such an idea.

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