Sowore, Yabagi, Umeadi, Adebayo attend presidential meeting at town hall

Everything is ready for the second in a series of presidential town hall meetings.

Four presidential candidates from the 18 political parties registered for next year’s general elections will be seated shortly to engage in a debate and tell Nigerians their plans for security and the economy.

The candidates are Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress (AAC), Yabagi Sani of the African Democratic Party (ADP), Peter Umeadi of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and Adewole Adebayo of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

The debate will begin at 7:00 p.m. and is expected to last approximately two hours.

It will feature questions from the moderator, panelists and audience. There will also be a live fact-check on the contestants’ data or assumptions, presented by the PREMIUM TIMES team.

PREMIUM TIMES partners with Arise Television to host the Presidential Town Hall and this is done in conjunction with the Center for Democrats and Development (CSD).

Other media partners for Sunday’s public meeting include the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Nigerian Publishers Guild, Vanguard Newspaper, Daily Trust Newspaper and New Telegraph Newspaper.

Leadership newspaper, TheCable, Punch newspapers, Guardian newspaper, The Sun newspaper and the Nigerian Fact-Checkers Coalition are the other partners.

This debate comes exactly a week after the first in the series – which featured Peter Obi of the Labor Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso of the NNPP and Kola Abiola of the People’s Redemption Party and Ifeanyi Okowa, who represented PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

During last week’s date, Atiku and APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu were absent from the presidential town hall meeting – which sparked controversy on social media. Many Nigerians have accused the duo of avoiding critical public engagements.

This document also reported how the participants behaved during the event which lasted more than four hours.

Follow PREMIUM TIMES as we bring you live updates from today’s debate.

You can also watch the debate live here…

The debate has begun.

The two moderators are Laila Johnson-Salami and Rufai Oseni, both of ARISE TV, kicking off the discussion by reading the house rules.

Mr. Oseni asks the first question: “If you were President of Nigeria, how would you approach the issue of security.

AAC’s Omoyele Sowore is the first to respond.
He says if elected to power in 2019, no one would complain about the insecurity in the country.

“You can’t collect security intelligence when you don’t have smart people in power.”

Before we can talk about the use of firearms, we need to address the issue of equality.

What I would have done as president is make sure we had security agencies that could handle security.

Mr. Yabagi Sani from ADP is next to respond.

He says that as president he will govern with the rule of law. This means that security agencies will work in a way that gathers information from each other and works where and when they need it. He says he will tackle poverty – a key factor that contributes to insecurity.

APGA’s Mr. Umeadi says it’s about the layout, the security structure and, most importantly, the leadership. He denounces the missing gap between the leadership and the country’s problems as many leaders “run away” from the country’s challenges.

Mr Adebayo of the SDP says the political elite are very good at scaring people.

“The insecurity in this country remains and starts from Villa,” he said. “You have to make sure that we don’t have political activists in the security structure. This is the problem we have. Instead of focusing on ongoing security issues, they will fight over the budget. »

What I will do is make sure we run the right government to include and address the issues.

A panelist, Waziri Adio, asks the following question.

What specific things will you do to address the drivers of insecurity in Nigeria?

Mr Sowore says inequality, corruption and lack of borders lead to insecurity.

He says one of the most bizarre decisions of the Buhari-led government is the closing of borders because “you can’t close what you don’t have”.

This country needs a political activist as president who must tackle the issues, he said.

According to Yabagi, Nigeria must have a functional security architecture to avoid risks, identify threats and take action when necessary.

“The rule of law will be our mantra.”

Mr. Umeadi cautions against turning away from the issue of insecurity itself.

For his part, Mr. Adebayo says he has four points to answer the question:

-Stop using law enforcement to solve political problems. No reason for Nnamdi Kanu to be treated as he is; the government itself must know that you cannot have enough personnel; third, to recognize their defense mechanism and ensure that those in power do not profit from the products of insecurity.

Another panelist, Kemi, asks the following question.

“Do you think these structures should come under one platform? If so, what are your plans for doing so? If not why ?”

Mr. Sowore replied in the negative. Nigeria, he says, is ripe for restructuring.

He is in favor of the creation of a state police force, a campus police force and a community police force.

He says there is a need to fix the constitution to ensure this is included.

Mr. Yabagi also answers in the negative.

He says it is necessary to amend the constitution and provide for the creation of a state police.

“The way to solve all this remains the problem of poverty,” he adds.

Like the others, Mr Umeadi supports the creation of a state police which would mean changing the constitution.

“Could we give military training to people who go to NYSC and start a diet that could empower the people? We are a little too docile. We will become a stronger society,” he said.

For Mr. Adebayo, it will eliminate crime in government. He says it is one of the hardest things to do in Nigeria today due to the lack of an effective policing system. He says he will ensure long-term peace for the country by talking to Nigerians and parliamentarians to see how to get the police to reach the locals.

Next questions for Sowore:

-Can education eliminate insecurity in Nigeria?

-Information from your platform that is not true and unverified. How can we give you the seat of power and how are we sure you are not a CIA agent?

Sowore says he’s not a CIA agent.

“If I was a CIA agent, Buhari would have disappeared from the face of the earth when he detained me. You can’t do that to a CIA agent. He says he hasn’t written for Sahara Reporters since. one moment.

The best way to approach education is through budgeting, he says. “Education does not automatically eliminate crime but can uplift people.”

Questions to all applicants:

-What plans are in place for security and the economy with respect to the female gender?

-Would you keep two jobs like Buhari at the head of the oil ministry?

Mr Adebayo says he will ensure equality and fairness and have a government where women are not denied opportunities because of their gender.

He says leaders who hold more than one position end up doing no work. For him, he will make sure to have high-level people who can manage the departments.

Mr Umeadi says the constitutional provisions that push for equality and 35% affirmative action are far from reality.

He says 11 northern states have home child rights law.

He says he would not hold two offices if elected president.

Mr. Yabagi says will ensure that as many women as possible enter the National Assembly.

He does not think it is necessary for a leader, a president, to hold another ministerial position. “What is needed is that they have KPIs and deliver results.”

Mr Sowore says the problem of inequality started when women started to accept percentage roles.

“If you are not 35% of the population, why do you accept 35% in government. It is time for women to stand up and take their place.

If you really want to be a minister as president, try to be a tourism minister and we’ll know you’re serious, he said.

Next question about economics:

“As President, how are you going to build Nigeria’s primary industries to end Nigeria’s dependence on imports?

Mr Adebayo says he will put an economist, not a cashier, at the Central Bank.

He says he will ensure that full employment is achieved. To do this, he will invest in agriculture before embarking on the steel industry.

It will also invest in social services such as education, health and housing. And will make infrastructure and roads to attract foreign investment.

Mr Umeadi says he will ‘impress the power of states over anyone else’s’.

He says he will maximize the powers of the people and create skill centers that will create jobs for people in the long run. This, he says, will ease the burden on the government and also provide enough for exports.

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