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Indifferent candidates

I’m sorry for the people of Lawrence. Only two of the five mayoral candidates showed up to the forum last week at Northern Essex Community College. Unless there was a family emergency, why weren’t all the candidates there? I guess these candidates don’t really care about the city.

Veteran presence

Thank goodness for the veterans of the United States House of Representatives (22 Democrats, 54 Republicans) and the Senate (9 Democrats, 6 Republicans). While their total is the lowest since World War II, they succeeded in preventing White House propagandists from turning the page on the historic blunder of ending the war in Afghanistan. Without them, we would only be left with the dishonest accounts of President Joe Biden and his administration of the “extraordinary success” in Kabul and how only “about 100” Americans are still being left behind.


I don’t think the police should allow people to stand at the entrance of malls asking for money. It’s a distracted driving, and right now there are many retail outlets looking for help.

Dollars for lawyers

Former President Donald Trump staged a third-rate pay-per-view boxing match to collect some much-needed bucks to pay his lawyers. The other past presidents, and the current one, observed the 9/11 ceremonies with dignity and respect. Former President George W. Bush lives in reality, Trump lives in fabricated reality.

Left behind

The “Kept Promises” contributor fails to mention the $ 83 billion spent by the United States in Afghanistan, including some $ 29 billion in high-tech military equipment that fell into the hands of the Taliban for use against it. America and the free world. The left behind are also important. People should have been out first, followed by equipment, and then by our troops.


It is amazing to me how many self-proclaimed experts on the US Constitution, military strategy, US history, contagious disease, political polls, economics and the spirit of state in general contribute to Sound Off. . Or is it just that I read heated radio and television propaganda? I guess I wasted my life getting a masters degree in public administration and economics and being politically active for 40 years.

“Insert it”

Your Sunday editorial about the 9/11 attacks not being taught adequately fails even to sum up how Massachusetts elementary school students are being harmed in social studies. The editorial mentions fifth-graders being given a “survey” of US history, which “essentially ends in the 1970s.” In my district, we are told to “adapt when we can” about five or more hours of teaching reading, writing and math. We teach all social studies without context. Something must change.

You missed the memo

I get the paper. I get mail every day. I listen to the news. Somehow I missed the note that my polling station has changed. It would have been nice to know that in advance.

Good audience

For those concerned about the constitutionality of mandatory vaccinations, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Jacobson v. citizenship as a whole. The Constitution protects individuals as well as the whole. Thus, we have laws protecting the “public good” such as speed limits, a military project and even laws regarding decency.


We must never forget what happened on September 11, 2001. Thank God for all of our proud citizens who took action to help others. Be kind and respectful to them and their families. Thank our veterans for their service. God bless America.

Sincere homage

I went to the 9/11 memorial event in Methuen. It was so wonderful and heartfelt to see so many people of all ages. Never forget.

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