Some Democrats put activism above climate action

For years we have heard from the left that we have 12 years left to save the planet. Given this urgency, one would assume that Democrats are ready to explore bipartisan solutions to climate change. After all, for lasting and serious politics, bipartisan consensus is needed to avoid sweeping changes every time majorities in Congress or presidential administrations shift.

However, some Democrats have proven they are willing to do whatever they can to help the environment in rhetoric alone, but never in actions. This week, congressional Republicans led by the parliamentary minority leader Kevin mccarthyKevin McCarthyEquilibrium / Sustainability – Presented by NextEra Energy – Cities are a surprise refuge for wildlife Young Republicans see change in GOP: “From outright denial to climate caucus” First hearing of Jan. 6 survey to present the testimony of the Capitol Police PLUS (R-California) and Rep. Garret GravesGarret Neal Graves NIGHT ENERGY: Supreme Court Rules Pipeline May Seize New Jersey Land | Study: EPA Underestimated Methane Emissions From Oil and Gas Development | Kevin McCarthy sets up climate task forces, other Haaland issues: No plan “yet” for permanent ban on rental of House GOP drilling rigs to launch climate caucus MORE (R-La.) Announced a new climate working group to meet the environmental challenges we face. The announcement follows the news Conservative climate caucus, numbering nearly 60 members and defended by Representative John Curtis (R-Utah).

As Republicans continue to strengthen their presence in the environmental movement, Democrats with genuinely climate-focused interests should encourage the progress made by their political counterparts. Instead, they have continued to politicize the issue and have shown that they have no sincere desire to end their monopoly on climate change, even at the cost of real climate action. If the situation is as dire as the Democrats claim, they cannot afford to delay action for political victories. Yet, when given the opportunity for real environmental action, progressives make their version of the perfect the enemy of good politics. This is what we have seen time and time again.

Just last week, the Growing Climate Solutions Act was passed by the Senate. The bill is a bipartite solution that will allow American farmers and foresters to fight climate change by naturally sequestering emissions. By engaging the agricultural and forestry sectors in the fight against climate change, we can look for natural solutions, including sustainable agricultural and forestry practices such as cover crops or reforestation. Scientists estimate that this would provide nearly 30 percent carbon reductions needed by 2030 to meet our climate goals.

This bipartite and private sector– invoice supported past the Senate brilliantly at 92-8. The senses. Elizabeth warrenElizabeth Warren Young Republicans See GOP Change: “From Outreach To Climate Caucus,” GOP Lawmakers Call On Britney Spears To Testify Before Congress Amid Guardianship Battle Democratic Senators Call For More Guardianship data in light of the Britney Spears case MORE (D-Mass.), Bernie sandersBernie SandersYoung Republicans see GOP change: “From outright denial to climate caucus” SALT Deduction Debate Forges Weird Alliances Senate Candidates Pass Nuclear Obstruction MORE (I-Vt.), Cory bookerCory Booker Young Republicans see change in GOP: “From outright denial to climate caucus,” NCAA allows athletes to monetize their names, footage starting Thursday Floyd’s brother says Chauvin’s sentence was ” a tap on the wrist “MORE (D-NJ), and Ed markeyEd MarkeyYoung Republicans See GOP Change: “From Outreach To Climate Caucus” Supreme Court Expansion Begins To Fade Hillicon Valley: Lina Khan Faces Major FTC Test | Amazon asks for his recusal | Warren appeals to commodities watchdog to probe Google PLUS (D-Mass.), All self-proclaimed warriors of climate justice. To be clear, they voted the same way climate skeptic Sens did. Josh hawleyJoshua (Josh) David HawleyYoung Republicans See GOP Change: “From Outreach To Climate Caucus,” Facebook Antitrust Victory Poses Big Test For New FTC Leader OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Biden Announces Biparty Deal on infrastructure | Justice Department Supports Approval of Line 3 Permit Under Trump Era | Biden hits China on solar panels PLUS (R-Mo.) And Jim InhofeJames (Jim) Mountain InhofeBiden airstrikes fuel debate over powers of war NIGHT ENERGY: Biden announces bipartite infrastructure deal | DOJ Supports Trump Approval of Line 3 Permit | Biden hits China on solar panels Biparty agricultural climate bill authorizes Senate MORE (R-Okla.).

The fact that a handful of Democratic senators who made climate change one of their highest priorities in power voted ‘no’ to a very bipartisan climate bill – practically a legislative unicorn in our time of division – should not only disappoint voters but make them wonder if these Democrats really care about climate solutions. Voters should consider that these Democrats could use the climate issue as political football to score points against their opponents.

Climate action should be a priority for all Americans. This is why the left’s stubbornness and resistance to bipartisan legislation is both frustrating and revealing, as it reveals that much of their activism is only in name. Suppose we continue to tolerate “climate-conscious” Democratic lawmakers putting activism above action when it comes to our planet. In this case, we will have a hard time solving the environmental challenges we face.

Danielle Butcher is Executive Vice President of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) and a guest member of the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF).

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