Society should think about self-purging: VHP leader

In order to strengthen the Hindu religion, bad practices had to be mitigated, he says

In order to strengthen the Hindu religion, bad practices had to be mitigated, he says

Central office holder of Vishwa Hindu Parishat Milind Parande emphasized the need for society to think about self-purification by mitigating social diseases like female infanticide and untouchability.

Keynote speech at the inauguration of the new ‘Dharmasiri’ building organized by VHP’s Uttar Karnataka Trust and Prerana Samsthe in Hubballi on Friday, Mr. Parande who is ‘Kendriaya Mahamantri’ of VHP, said that to strengthen the Hindu religion, there a was necessary to mitigate bad practices.

He said that while the division of the nation on the basis of religion was a historical fact, there was again a fear of further division of the nation and therefore the followers of the Hindu religion should be protected and VHP was engaged in the act for the past 58 years. years, he said.

80% of cases

Concerned about the failure of Hindu marriages, he said that 80% of the cases brought to the family courts were of Hindus. The Hindu marriage which was the foundation of the religion was threatened with disintegration. There was a need to strengthen the institution of Hindu marriage and religious leaders, rulers and saints should guide the society in this regard, he said.

Sri Gurusiddha Rajayogindra Swami said that nation and religion are an integral part of society and religion is the real life.

Sri Vishwa Prasanna Teertha Swami of Pejawar Mutt said differences between religious leaders would make it difficult to sustain the society. VHP was doing the job of bringing together the various religious leaders on one platform, he said adding that it would be difficult to break if all unite.

Sri Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Swami of Hiremutt, Hukkeri, Head of VHP Gopalji, South Central Region RSS ‘Sanghchalak’ V. Nagaraj and others spoke.

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