Society “demasculates” men, parents should raise their sons to be “monsters”

In a recent speech, the speech of Republican Representative from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, said the company was trying to “unmask” young men. He also urged any mother raising a son to “raise them to be a monster.”

“Our culture today is trying to completely unmask all young men in our culture,” Cawthorn said, citing historically low testosterone levels in young men.

After saying that there are “many reasons” for the drop in testosterone levels, Cawthorn said, “They are trying to demasculate the young men in our country because they don’t want people going to stand up. “

“All the moms here – the ones I said are the most vicious in our movement – if you raise a young man, please raise him to be a monster.” , he added.

Complaining that “our culture today tries to completely unmask all young men,” Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls on parents, “If you are raising a young man, please raise him so that ‘he becomes a monster.

– Right wing monitoring (@RightWingWatch) October 18, 2021

Cawthorn is correct that testosterone levels in young men have decreased.

Testosterone levels have fallen by about 20 percent in men aged 15 to 39 over the past 20 years, according to Urology schedules. The researchers said obesity and “endocrine disruptors” that alter hormones, such as environmental toxins, are likely to be the cause.

In a statement to News weekCawthorn spokesperson Luke Ball said: “In the context of his speech, MP Cawthorn urged parents to raise their sons as strong and pious men, warriors of truth and morality. Monsters and lions, not wimps and sheep. “

Cawthorn, a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, delivered a speech at the Jan.6 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington DC, which preceded the Capitol Riot. At the event, he claimed that illegal voter fraud caused Trump to lose the 2020 election.

At the end of August, Cawthorn said “bloodshed” is inevitable if “our elections continue to be rigged”. Social media commentators criticized his comments and suggested that he be excluded of Congress.

In a recent speech, the speech of Republican Republican North Carolina Rep, Madison Cawthorn, said society is trying to “unmask” young men and he urged any mother raising a son to “raise them to be a monster”. In this photo, Cawthorn speaks with reporters during a visit to the border wall near Pharr, Texas on June 30, 2021.
Sergio Flores / AFP / Getty

Ball said his comments did not advocate violence. Cawthorn worried that others might “wrongly choose” violence if demands for “electoral security” were not met, Ball said.

In Cawthorn’s other recent public comments, he said if Republicans regained full control of Congress, he would pursue legal action against Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Cawthorn previously told Newsmax, without evidence, that he believed Fauci was “guilty and in fact bore some responsibility for what happened in the Wuhan lab.”

Cawthorn also said the Republicans would “seize all Chinese assets in America” ​​in repayment of what “they owe us” after allegedly triggering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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