“Society cannot decide how individuals live …”: Rajasthan HC grants protection to living couple

The High Court of Rajasthan has ruled that society cannot dictate terms to couples living in relationships by calling such a relationship asocial. The court was seized of a plea of ​​protection filed by a couple.

The court observed that society cannot determine how individuals live their lives, even when such a relationship can be characterized as asocial.

Judge Mahendar Kumar Goyal observed: “The young girl being of age has the right to reside with the person of her choice.

The court heard that the company where the couple resided threatened them because it was not happy with their relationship. Faced with this, the couple requested the protection of the police.

The court was also informed that since an FIR had been registered against the man, police protection could not be extended to the couple.

Hearing this, the Court observed that “… society cannot determine how individuals live their lives, especially when they are of age, regardless of whether the relationship between two adults can be characterized as asocial. Thus, the life and personal liberty of individuals must be protected, except in accordance with the procedure established by law, as prescribed by article 21 of the Constitution of India.

He added: “In addition, according to section 29 of the Rajasthan Police Act 2007, every policeman has the duty to protect the life and liberty of the citizen.

The court ruled on the petition saying that a copy of the petition should be sent to the SHO of the relevant police station who will take the necessary preventive measures to ensure the safety and security of the couple.

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