Senator Manchin says Bernie Sanders wants a “rights society”

  • Senators Manchin and Sanders traded spades on Wednesday over the Democrats’ social spending bill.
  • Sanders accused Sens on Wednesday. Manchin and Sinema for “sabotage”.
  • Manchin and Sinema are the only Democrats in the Senate to oppose the $ 3.5 trillion package.

Senator Joe Manchin hit back at Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday after Sanders held a heated press conference calling Manchin and Senator Krysten Sinema “vague” opposition to the Democrats’ social spending bill.

“My figure is $ 1.5 trillion. I’ve been very clear,” Manchin told reporters at the pool.

“I have been very clear about who we are as a society, who we are as a nation,” Manchin added. “I don’t believe we should turn our society into a society of rights. I think we should always be a compassionate and rewarding society.”

Manchin added that he and Sanders “share very different policies and political beliefs.”

Earlier, at a press conference on Wednesday, Sanders blasted Sinema and Manchin, claiming that “two people have no right to sabotage what 48 want, what the President of the United States wants.”

Sanders criticized Manchin’s $ 1.5 trillion cap on the social spending bill, reiterating that $ 3.5 trillion was the consensus of Democrats.

“Is protecting working families and reducing child poverty a ‘right’?” Sanders asked.

As it stands, Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation program would expand medicare to cover dental and vision care, as well as hearing aids, and extend direct tax payments. on children $ 300 until 2025.

“Does Senator Manchin really believe that the elderly do not have the right to digest their food and that they do not have the right to hear and see properly?” Sanders said. “Is it really too much to ask in the richest country on Earth – that the elderly have teeth in their mouths and can see and hear?” “

Sanders also called out Sinema for her “vagueness” and her refusal to publicly commit to a number for the bill, or to point out which provisions she disagrees with.

“Senator Sinema’s position is that she does not negotiate publicly. I don’t know what that means, I don’t know where she came from,” Sanders said.

“Tell us what you want,” Sanders said, speaking to Sens. Manchin and Sinema.

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