Roshni Ali asks Twitter user not to return community activism after Eid jibe

Anti-cracker activist Roshni Ali responded to a prominent Twitter user on Saturday after he gave him a “bloodless Eid”. User Ramnik Singh Mann said: “After the failed Diwali-less cracker attempt, I pledge my support to Roshni Ali for a #BlooodlessEid.”

Roshni Ali responded to the user by sharing a 34-second video on the platform. She said in the video: “A few months ago when we had no oxygen, when people were dying on the road without oxygen, then did Covid ask you if you were a Hindu, a Muslim, Christian or Buddhist? Yeah nahi puchha na? Hmm log sab lungs ke saath saans leta hai This is the basic truth.

She continued, “Please don’t make this political or community affair. Please think for everyone. How are we moving towards a new India where there will be clean, renewable energy and modern ways of thinking. “

Previously, the activist had become a subject of mockery online after breaking out in an impromptu “Naagin Dance” spell during a debate on Republic Bangla. Ali while speaking during a debate on Republic Bangla started dancing when she did not have a chance to speak. As several panelists expressed their opinions together, Ali began to perform the “Naagin dance” to attract attention.

The Calcutta High Court had ordered a blanket ban on firecrackers during Diwali based on a petition from Ali, which was later overturned by the Supreme Court.

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