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Elon Musk laid the trap and quickly intervened.

The supposedly richest man has bought and taken over Twitter, the social media company favored by politicians, journalists, academics and people who aren’t afraid of disorder.

Musk had criticized what he saw as big tech censorship, or a lack of “free speech” on the view.

After the 2016 elections, and reports that foreign countries used social media to interfere in the elections. And, as misinformation spread faster than the coronavirus during the global pandemic, social media companies took a tougher approach to what was allowed on sites.

Misinformation and disinformation work because a lot of people believe it. As we know, social media uses algorithms that adapt content to each user. So when people stop seeing as much as they used to, it will raise a lot of questions for those who are already conspiratorially minded.

But it boils down to the fact that many right-wingers believe right-wing views have been stifled by Big Tech. And that the left was not treated with the same veracity.

It’s not completely unfounded. There is anecdotal evidence of some instances where Twitter has gone too far. Perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back for many was when Twitter treated the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story as misinformation. Not exactly.

But private company platforms aren’t the government and aren’t bound by the same guidelines for what they don’t allow.

But, along came the fixer, Elon Musk, to unleash Twitter.

And, days after taking possession, Musk retweeted a conspiracy theory about President Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, from a website that traffics in false stories.

What a feeling it must be to be rich and indifferent to boring things like conscience.

Someone who has been so successful doing things their own way is unlikely to take the misstep as a lesson, but the truths shared should be our baseline and not an unattainable goal.

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