Opinion: Middle East ceasefire may hold, but Israel still under attack

A panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo via AIX

The Middle East is part of a world full of sadness, pain and violence.Yoshi Klein Hallevi, Senior Fellow Hartmann Institute In Jerusalem, it was once said that in Israel traumas overlap like archaeological digs, and each level of destruction is tightly stacked.

Since 2000, it has been a long war. A new type of warfare called “asymmetric warfare”. Asymmetric warfare seeks to erase the two fundamental characteristics of warfare: fronts and uniforms. There’s no clear place there, it’s done by an unidentified murderer.

The goal, in the words of the Israeli moral philosopher Moshe Halbertal, is to create a “war everywhere, against everyone, everyone, everyone”. Everyone is a potential enemy and there is no safe place. And one of the consequences of this kind of war is that there are more deaths in Gaza than in Israel.

One of the few things that has changed in this round of violence has been a sweeping attack on Israeli actions. There is nothing new about the weight of criticism directed at Israel. What was different this time was the degree of criticism of the American liberals. Aparté.

If you listen carefully to the voice of the left, you will feel that everything Israel is doing is pointless. Why? As Hallevi recently wrote to those who oppose Israel, “Israel does not commit any crime. It’s a crime. For justice to be served, Israel must die. “

The left position is the result of the sympathy the left has for the weak. It is the cruel irony of history that the Jews are seen as persecutors in this controversy. And the left deepens its sympathy for those who perceive them as vulnerable even further by eliciting proportional ghosts. This is another way of saying that the Israelis did not die enough to justify Israel’s response when 4,000 missiles were launched in 11 days.

Chris Hayes asked why the US government couldn’t build an iron dome in Gaza so that children wouldn’t suffer the rain of death. Or John Oliver has reduced the whole conflict to victims: Israel is so strong that it is clearly wrong. As Hallevi wrote, “If the Israelites want Oliver’s sympathy, we will have to die. “

As Ravidoniel Hartman argued in a recently published article, Israel’s moral obligations as a state are imposed on all citizens. Israel must address the moral problems associated with the Palestinians and their undeniable suffering. This also applies to the problems of Israeli Arab citizens and Palestinians on the west bank of the Jordan.

Hartmann said Israel “must provide a moral argument to defend itself. [and], at the same time, [be] We readily admit that we are wrong and implement policies to correct those mistakes. “

Hallevi wrote: To be morally credible in the fight against Hamas, we must prove our commitment to a just solution to the Palestinian tragedy. “

I do not hear Israeli critics answering the fundamental questions posed to Israel in the turmoil around the world over Israeli tactics and the occupation of the Palestinian people.

Israel has the right and the obligation to eradicate Israel and protect it from those who supported it in the bloody war on terrorism, which no country in history has had to endure. The problem is when distant critics are selectively enraged and lack a terrible understanding of the complexity of the issues facing Israel.

All Israel has to do is relinquish control of the West Bank and lift the blockade of Gaza, and if everything works what happens the day after everything, Israel as soon as possible. Please let people know. We know that if Israel pulls out of the West Bank, it won’t be long before Hamas controls its territory as well as Gaza.

We must be very careful and humble in how we determine how Israel has faced challenges unprecedented in history.

There is another challenge. This is the case with Israel. It’s a discussion of the two-state solution. Few people doubt that this is the only solution to the problem of two applicants on the same ground. On either side, compromising the sense of rights over the whole earth and sharing it with others is painful.

The Israeli right is not alone in being skeptical of the two-state solution. There are many reasons why Israeli moderates and liberals are desperate for this. David Horowitz, editor of The Times of Israel, said that a solution to bilateral coexistence is essential so that many Israelis “do not lose the Jewish majority, democracy or both. I think. A safe route to such accommodation. “

Yet Israel’s challenge is not to give up. Many new critics of Israel in the West are discouraged by the actions of the Israeli government. Unfortunately, quite unfairly, Israel is not a solution to the problem, but is part of it. Is now being considered.

Therefore, while Israeli critics need to better understand the situation in Israel, in Horowitz’s words, “Israel is. [a solution], And don’t follow policies that reduce this possibility. ”

As Hallevi explains, “Israel must strive to maintain moral confidence as a passive occupier. Israel’s new peace initiative is an opportunity to convey our vision of another Middle East. . “

I heard during the first Intifada many years ago that the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, explained that people wanted the same things they wanted for their children. I know this is what it should be, children sleep soundly and parents protect them.

I wish everyone a good night’s sleep. Say “good night” to your children and wait until the day your Palestinian parents can meet you in the morning. It is time for the Israelites to say “good night” to their children, to meet you in the morning, and to reassure them all. Pray for all the lives of Gaza and Israel. May the hope of peace, which people hoped for and disappointed with the failure of leadership, come soon.

Michael Burke is Emeritus Professor of Rabbi Congregation Beth Israel, The largest and oldest Jewish congregation in San Diego.

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