Officials: Critical Race Theory Not Taught in Bedford County Public Schools | Education

Some school board members have expressed concerns about the changes to the curriculum. Martin Leamy, a member of the District 7 school board, said he was “very concerned” about the African American history class.

“In my humble opinion, in its current form, this lesson card is just progressive state-sponsored political activism and indoctrination, and it’s camouflaged as an optional history course,” Leamy said.

Woodford stressed that the course is elective and not required for students to graduate, and that its curriculum and resources are heavily influenced by teachers and administrators at Bedford County public schools. Woodford added “not all resources that promote critical race theory would be something we buy and put in classrooms.”

More than 50 parents, students and community members attended Thursday’s school board meeting, and some expressed concerns over the possibility of critical race theory being taught in the division.

U.S. Representative Bob Good, R-Campbell, attended and spoke at Thursday’s meeting.

“You are right to be concerned,” he told parents and community members in attendance.

“We are losing across the country in our school systems in terms of what our children are learning and the indoctrination that is happening, and I am aggressively fighting that in Washington, DC, as someone who sits on the committee of the ‘education and work,’ Well said, referring to a House of Representatives committee.

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