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OSLO (Reuters) – Norway’s left-wing Labor Party and the Rural Center Party said on Friday they had agreed to form a minority government, the culmination of nearly four weeks of negotiations after last month’s election victory.

The deal paves the way for Labor leader Jonas Gahr Stoere to become Premier minister next week, replacing Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg who said after losing the election that she planned to step down.

The new government will present a detailed political document on October 13, Stoere and Center Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum said at a press conference.

Left-wing opposition parties won a large majority in the elections September 13, but talks to form a majority government collapsed amid disagreements over climate change and taxes, leading to the formation of a minority cabinet.

Stoere du Labor, who had argued that a majority government would provide the greatest degree of predictability for the country, must now negotiate policy proposals and spending plans on a case-by-case basis in parliament.

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However, minority governments are common in Norway, and outgoing Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg ruled in the minority for most of her eight years in office.

(Report by Gwladys Fouché and Terje Solsvik)

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