Nigerian musicians J Martins and Banky W to run for office in 2023

J Martins, award-winning musician and label manager of Orion Music Empire, hopes to represent Arochukwu/Ohafia in Abia State. Banky W announced his candidacy for the Eti-Osa constituency in the House of Representatives, saying he would run on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ticket. His latest offer follows an unsuccessful bid to join the house on the youth-led Modern Democratic Party ticket in 2019.

Both artists, who are considered big names in Nigerian music, are no strangers to political activism, with political themes sometimes depicted in their music. In 2020, they joined other artists for the #EndSARS campaign, calling for police reforms and social justice.

J Martins and Banky W say their decision to run in next year’s elections was fueled by a growing call for change in the country’s political landscape and the need for well-meaning citizens to get involved in the process of transforming Nigeria into the country they want. .

“The situation in our country has made it increasingly important for all with ideas, especially those with successful careers and professionals, to embrace politics and contribute their rich experience to help fix our country…while only God has the complete solution to mankind’s problems, I promise a paradigm shift that will result in the provision of the basic amenities that our people deserve,” said J Martins.

Banky W said: ‘We can no longer settle for candidates who feel entitled to their place in government. We need candidates who will earn and cherish their right to serve. As a nation, we need innovation and reform. But reform will happen when enough of us like-minded people who have the nation’s best interests at heart are in government.

“Problems in Nigeria are top down but solutions are bottom up so some of us have to infiltrate the major existing platforms to build an army of like minds who will come into government with the same program.

Next year’s elections in Nigeria will include presidential, vice-presidential, gubernatorial, senate and house of representatives ballots on February 25 and March 11.

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