NFL Journalist Michele Tafoya Says “Bring It On” After “The View” Crowd Whines At Her Take Of Kaepernick

NFL reporter Michele Tafoya seemed to enjoy playing the role of The views On Wednesday, the resident right-heel, telling audiences live on the daytime talk show to “bring it on” after moaning at his hot positions on former NFL star-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick.

Serve as this week’s symbolic curatorial host on View, Tafoya (who describes herself as a “pro-choice conservative with libertarian tendency”In the past) has drawn quite a bit of heat throughout his brief stint at the table.

Tuesday she clashed with moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Sunny Hostin on Critical Race Theory in Schools, Vaccination Mandates, and Racial Progress in America. In one case, after Tafoya said whites had helped improve race relations “since the civil war,” Goldberg retorted that southern whites “lynched people” not so long ago.

When Tafoya returned for the second round on Wednesday, things got tense again when the ‘Hot Topic’ segment of the panel revolved around Kapernick Coming of Age Netflix Series Pollock in black and white. The show has already sparked controversy over a scene in which the former quarterback equates the NFL scouting suit at modern slave auction.

“What they don’t want you to understand is that what’s established is a power dynamic,” Kaepernick explains on the show. “Before you take the field, the teams push you, push you and examine you for any flaws that could affect your performance. No respect for boundaries. No dignity left untouched.”

Hostin, a prominent Kaepernick’s champion who recently interviewed him for Ebony, said it was “not entirely unreasonable” for the former 49ers star to compare slavery, adding that the majority of the players are black while most of the owners are white males.

Tafoya, who has videos recorded for the right-wing cultural war website PragerU, said that “nobody is forcing these guys to play” and “comparing it to the slave trade was a bit difficult”. Additionally, she dismissed the idea that Kaepernick was kicked out of the league because of his racial justice protests, saying “I promise” he would be in the NFL if he could take a team to the Super Bowl. .

Kaepernick’s conversation would take place in a second segment, with co-host Joy Behar wondering why the 34-year-old isn’t currently working in the NFL.

“He’s recording a Netflix series,” Tafoya retorted.

“He doesn’t play football,” Hostin replied. “He’s always ready to play football. He took a team to the Super Bowl. The reason he’s not playing is because other owners have hit it off.

Tafoya, meanwhile, said they had to “be very careful with this accusation,” prompting Hostin to note that the former quarterback struck a deal with the league after suing them for collusion.

“He took a stand for the others and he lost everything because of the position he took. There is no owner in the NFL to date who has the courage to take it back, ”the Seen host continued.

“A lot of teams have tried it, I’ll tell you, I also know my thing about it,” Tafoya retorted. “He didn’t lose everything, in fact I would say he won a lot, a leader of the movement, a Netflix series, he has Nike backers.”

The two come and go a bit more on Kaepernick’s attempts to get back into the league, with Hostin lamenting that he “lost the one thing he wants to do” only for Tafoya to respond: “You know, I don’t understand. do what I want to do either.

Hostin and Tafoya then disagreed over why Kaepernick turned down an NFL open try in 2019, with the Seen host suggesting it was due to access to the media and a liability waiver that he would have been forced to sign.

“I just want to give some people the benefit of the doubt that there are two sides to this story. I think we can all agree that there’s probably a lot about this story that we still don’t know, ”Tafoya said, eliciting audible moans from the crowd.

“Oh, you’re all going to complain,” Tafoya responded cheerfully, waving her arms in the air. “Bring it on! Bring it on!”

As Behar put it “it is View, honey, ”Goldberg concluded, giving his interpretation of the audience’s reaction. “I don’t know. Maybe they feel like they saw what the big picture was and I think people didn’t like it,” she said categorically before conclude the segment.

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