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Cincinnati, OH, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Claritas®, a data-driven company that helps marketers achieve superior ROI, recently released a new report on Multicultural Consumers, The American Consumers Black Market Report. The report gives marketers a new insight into the black American consumer, who today represents 12.4% of the total United States population.

With over 40.8 million members, the black population of the United States is the second largest multicultural segment – and has grown by almost 21% since 2000. Black consumers are part of a growing multicultural population in the United States. United. In fact, since 2000, population growth in multicultural groups such as Hispanic (78%), Asian (88%), and Black (21%) communities has significantly exceeded population growth in the traditional non-Hispanic white community by just 1 %.

This trend is expected to continue, with virtually all of US consumer growth now and for the foreseeable future coming from groups other than the traditional non-Hispanic white population.

That’s why many marketers are turning to Claritas and its unique CultureCode® syndicated audience segmentation tool to more effectively market multicultural consumers. Claritas’ unique CultureCode tool contains an overview of over 245 multicultural groups to enable marketers to create highly effective campaigns to engage diverse audiences and buy from their brands.

Marketers wishing to specifically target Black Americans or other multicultural segments can easily add CultureCode segments from Claritas to their consumer and business lists to develop targeted campaigns that serve on their prospects’ preferred channels, ranging from direct mail and email marketing to digital campaigns.

The new report covers some key behavioral trends that apply to black U.S. consumers, including:

  • Black Americans spend an average of $ 51,639 per year on household consumption expenses, and they spend more in Clothing & Footwear, Entertainment Supplies, Television, Telephone and Radio.
  • Black households primarily shop online at Walmart and Target, but they also have a high index for stores like Burlington and Saks Fifth Avenue. They also tend to buy more clothes than the average American household, indexing 50% above the national average on fashion purchases and 36% above the national average on early-season clothing purchases.
  • Black households also show a preference for quick-service restaurants, as they are 24% more likely than other households to have eaten at a quick-service restaurant 10 or more times in 30 days.
  • When it comes to financial services, black households are 142% more likely than other households to use cash advances and 16% more likely to use wire transfers, check cashing and personal loans.
  • The top five states where Black Americans live are Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York, and California. The black population of the markets of Dallas, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte and Houston has increased by more than 20% since 2010.

“Multicultural consumers are the new American mainstream. Claritas helps clients engage more effectively in this market by learning more about their likes, dislikes, preferences, behaviors, cultural attitudes, spending habits, etc. Said David Mesas, vice president, sales and business development at Claritas. “By working with Claritas to strategically target multicultural consumers, a large telecommunications company has increased the number of conversions seven-fold from previous campaigns. This is just one example of how our clients are using state-of-the-art Claritas data to better understand a wide variety of US consumer groups and execute targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage them effectively.

Click here to download your copy of The American Consumers Black Market Report.

Members of the media interested in receiving a copy of the report or looking for specific data on the U.S. black consumer market can contact Cort Irish at [email protected].

About Claritas

For nearly 50 years, Claritas’ unparalleled knowledge of the American consumer has resulted in the most adopted segmentation in the industry, helping marketers identify their best customers. Through key acquisitions, the company has grown into a marketing leader, now offering a suite of single-source solutions that gives marketers the ability to identify their ideal audiences, deliver multi-channel marketing engagements with precision, and leverage using measurement tools to optimize their online media spending. and offline channels and thus generate a better marketing return on investment. With a precision-driven foundation, the robust Claritas Identity Graph serves as the engine of these powerful solutions, encompassing a proprietary dataset of over 255 million consumers across over 600 million devices and over 10,000 demographic information. and behavioral. More information can be found by visiting

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