Members of the Wyoming County Historical Society gather at Twin Falls State Park for Civil War days


MULLENS, WV (WVNS) – A group from Wyoming County came together on July 18, 2021 to describe a civil war conflict in our area.

Members of the Wyoming County Historical Society and people passionate about the history of the area met at Twin Falls Resort State Park to reenact the skirmish at Matheny Chapel.

“We try to describe as best we can, sometimes we get a little rowdy, sometimes we make things turn out differently, but it’s part of the history of Wyoming County,” said Reuben Mitchell, who fought for the Union.

According to the historical society, Union and Confederate companies met in the Matheny region in the spring of 1862. There were only a handful of deaths and, although it was a small conflict, war played an important role in the history of the county. .

“In Wyoming County, it depended on which end of the county you came from to find out who was Confederate and who was Yankee, because they were sort of split in the middle,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said it was similar to the makeup and creation of West Virginia as a whole.

“West Virginia was formed right in the middle of the Civil War, some say it was formed illegally, others not, it depends on which end of state you came from,” said Mitchell said.

But for those who are on the battlefield now, this is not the actual conflict they are focusing on.

“It’s a stress relief for me and believe it or not we’re all one big happy family,” said Carl “Bear” McCoy, Chapman’s battery captain.

McCoy said their goal is to provide a hands-on way to teach the next generation the history of their area.

“Like I once said to one of my aunts, I’m not going to be a teacher, she said what you do now, I said teach,” McCoy said.

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