McFeely Blog: Berg calls loss of TV job for immunization warrant “really, really tough decision”

Berg made the statement on his new radio show on The Flag, a local conservative station. Berg’s program debuted Monday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. His last day on Valley News Live was Friday.

Other than that, Berg gave no insight into his choice to leave “Point of View” because he didn’t want to be vaccinated to adhere to VNL’s corporate policy. Valley News Live owner Gray Television of Atlanta has a mandate to vaccinate all full and part-time employees, contractors, tenants and guests who enter Gray workspaces. It entered into force on October 1.

Berg only spent a few moments on Monday discussing his decision to leave Valley News Live.

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“A lot of you have read The Forum or watched the news, you know the decision I faced recently with the old Viewpoint show and the decision I made. It was a decision I made. really, really tough decision, ”Berg said a few minutes into his new schedule. “And yet, something was wrong. If you were to ask me, ‘Hey, Chris, what exactly was that thing?’ I don’t know if I could give it to you exactly. But something was wrong in my mind and in my gut about how this thing is described, how it is communicated. So I made the decision that I did. felt was the best for me. You’re gonna do whatever you gotta do.

It was the first substantial public comment Berg made on his decision not to get the vaccine. Contacted several times last week by the Forum to comment on the possibility that he would have to quit his VNL job due to Gray’s tenure, Berg declined to comment.

On Monday, Berg asked listeners faced with the decision to get the shot or at risk of being fired from their jobs to call in and share their stories.

“I have an incredible amount of empathy and understanding for you,” he said.

During the first 30 minutes of the program, no one called.

Aside from the few seconds Berg spent talking about his decision to Valley News Live, much of the rest of his first show was standard right-wing content.

He called a speech by President Joe Biden calling on big employers to have vaccine mandates “the scariest speech I have ever heard from a President of the United States of America.”

Berg, as he has done previously, questioned the science behind vaccines, called for “free health,” lambasted government and private sector vaccine mandates, and criticized the presidential adviser, the Dr Anthony Fauci.

He referred to the “danger” that vaccination warrants pose to the US military and spoke of “leaky vaccines”. Berg took umbrage at the idea that the ongoing pandemic is the fault of the unvaccinated.

“What if,” Berg asked, “this is a vaccine pandemic? “

Berg graduated from Fargo South High School and played college football at Stanford and northern Iowa.

After completing his football career at UNI, Berg returned to Stanford and received a degree in psychology in 1996.

He worked for motivational speaker Tony Robbins, a wireless internet service provider, moved to Hollywood to become an actor, and worked for a company that guides high school athletes through the college recruiting process.

Berg and his family moved from California to North Dakota, where Berg took a job with the North Dakota Republican Party in early 2010 as deputy executive director.

Berg had been in that position for about 10 months when he took on new leadership and landed a job as host of his own radio show “We the People” on AM 1100 The Flag.

He began appearing on VNL’s “Point of View” in early 2012 and went to the station full-time in June of the same year.

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