Low carbon company for Kuala Lumpur: from project to implementation

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – WCSC 2021 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the return of the ’12e International Conference on World-Class Sustainable Cities 2021 (WCSC 2021) ‘to be held virtually from 27 to September 28, 2021 (Monday Tuesday).

Low carbon company for Kuala Lumpur: from project to implementation

With the chosen theme this year on ‘Low Carbon Society: From Blueprint to Implementation’, this 12th WCSC Lecture Series will explore and address the benefits and challenges of low carbon cities, to sustainable urban mobility, to the urban environment / greenery and climate change. According to UN Habitat, cities consume 78 percent of the world’s energy and produce more than 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. At the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark and having ratified the 2015 Paris Agreement, Malaysia pledged to reduce its carbon emissions intensity relative to gross domestic product (GDP) by 45% by 2030 compared to the emissions intensity of GDP in 2005.

Cities around the world are taking initiatives and working on a sustainable urbanization approach that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of cities by minimizing or eliminating the use energy from fossil fuels and combating climate change. A low carbon city is a society where people work together and strive to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, whether emitted by the hustle and bustle of daily life or by business and industrial activities. .

To this end, the 3 WCSC 2021 partner organizations are proud to make this year’s virtual event the most accessible WCSC series ever designed to encourage and enable all interested public and private stakeholders to engage and participate in this free conference. We have put together an exciting 2-day conference program with the expected participation of over 1,000 delegates, bringing together renowned international and local speakers, including panelists from Denmark, UK, Indonesia, Africa and Malaysia share knowledge on international best practices and case studies from other world-class cities, including: –

(1) Y Bhg Datuk Seri Haji Mahadi bin Che Ngah, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;

(2) Y Bhg Dato ‘Seri Ir Dr Zaini Ujang, Secretary General, Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA), Malaysia;

(3) Y Bhg Professor Dato ‘Ir Dr Mohd Hamdi Abd Shukor, vice-chancellor, Universiti Malaya (UM);

(4) Sir David sim, Partner / Creative Director, Gehl, Denmark;

(5) Doctor Andy Arc, Senior Partner & Deputy Head of Studio, Foster & Partners, UK;

(6) Ms. Carly Gilbert-Patrick, Team Leader – Active Mobility, Digitization & Mode Integration, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Africa;

(7) Sir Esben Neander Kristensen, director and team leader, Gehl, Denmark;

(8) Dr Ir Aisa Dokmauly Tobing, Deputy Secretary General, CityNet (Regional Network of Local Authorities for the Management of Human Settlements in Asia Pacific) / Senior Advisor to the Governor of Jakarta / Secretary General, Jakarta Research Council (DRD), Indonesia; and

(9) Ar Serina bt Hijjas, Director, Hijjas Architects & Planners, Malaysia.

Over the past 11 years, WCSC partner organizations are truly delighted to have continued their efforts to educate and change public mindsets and perceptions about the benefits and challenges faced in becoming a world-class sustainable and livable city. . The achievement of such positive initiatives and the incremental results implemented in Malaysia from previous WCSC lecture series include transforming the restoration of the Cheongyecheon River into Seoul, Korea it was a good prelude to that of Kuala Lumpur River of Life project; from Brazil the experience of Curitiba for its exemplary urban transport solutions; from denmark experiences as a pedestrian and cycling city; Hong Kong and that of Singapore pedestrianization projects that include covered walkway systems to create cities for people; the metamorphosis of Kaohsiung, Taiwan from an industrial polluter to an ecological tourist pole demonstrating that livable cities are creative and competitive; to name a few.

The WCSC 2021 Organizing Committee is greatly honored and encouraged by the continued support and endorsement of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) which has been the strategic partner and backbone of the WCSC series since its launch in 2009. We are also very grateful for the invaluable support from Universiti Malaya, as well as each of the corporate partners for WCSC 2021 for making this event possible, including PRnewswire as the official news distribution partner for WCSC 2021.

With this encouraging support, he further reaffirmed and strengthened our commitment to the importance of the WCSC series in the continued sharing and education of city stakeholders representing both the public and private sectors across Malaysia on the need to move forward and move forward to become a world-class sustainable and livable city.

In conclusion, the WCSC 2021 Organizing Committee extends a warm invitation and strongly encourages all public and private stakeholders to join us to learn, engage, create greater awareness and share experiences and bests. practices during this next WCSC 2021. Thanks to these corporate sponsorships and despite the In a COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce that registration for this 2-day conference will be offered free of charge.

For more information, please visit the WCSC website at www.wcsckl.com

About WCSC

Jointly organized by the 3 partner organizations: the Real Estate & Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (REHDA KL), the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM).

The WCSC series aims to provide a constructive and inclusive platform to share, enlighten, educate, change mindsets and encourage community engagement of city administrators, government agencies, professionals in the built environment industry, groups of residents, community organizations, academics, including city stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. Since the start of the WCSC series in 2009, this annual conference series has succeeded in gaining recognition and prominence among these city stakeholders representing both the public and private sectors across Malaysia.

The WCSC series has been specially designed to create greater awareness, provide additional information and showcase some of the best practices and successful experiences of leading world-class international experts in World Class Cities urban solutions, as well as providing an opportunity for conference attendees to learn and better understand the efforts within our own nation to become a world-class sustainable and livable city.

Website: www.wcsckl.com / www.rehda.com / www.mip.org.my / www.pam.org.my

SOURCE REHDA Subsidiary Wilayah Persekutuan (KL)

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