Logan County Humane Society welcomes rescued puppies

LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. — Kentucky’s Logan County Humane Society took in about 120 dogs after local officials blew up a nearby mill. This contribution has more than doubled their capacity overnight, so the shelter needs donations and volunteers to continue caring for recently rescued animals.

What do you want to know

  • Sheriff’s deputies dismantled a Logan County animal factory
  • In doing so, the Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky took in about 120 animals with six hours’ notice.
  • Animals now receive veterinary care at the shelter
  • The Logan County Humane Society is looking for volunteers and monetary donations to ensure these animals receive proper care, before they are available to go to foster homes.

Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky director Ray Wilson accompanied the sheriff’s deputies as they entered the animal factory. He described what he saw as horrible.

“They lived there in their own excrement, piled on top of each other with no space. Many of them, we suspect, have not seen the light of day since birth. It’s just a very heartbreaking situation and we knew we had to act fast to get them out of it,” Wilson said.

PayPal: @LCHSKY app Cash: $lchsky Donating via Facebook is amazing! However, we receive this money about 2 months later…

Posted by Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky on Monday, August 1, 2022

Wilson and his team helped bring the approximately 120 animals back to the shelter. In doing so, the shelter more than doubled its normal capacity on just six hours’ notice.

“We definitely need a lot of manpower and a lot of hands here on deck. That’s why we appeal to the community for volunteers. Any small gesture can help,” Wilson said.

It is also expensive to care for so many animals, especially since they need veterinary care. Wilson took to the organization’s Facebook page to explain what was happening and appeal for help. The community responded quickly, raising $10,000 in 24 hours. Although more has since been collected, Wilson said monetary donations are still needed.

He said veterinary care for all animals could cost between $15,000 and $20,000. It’s just for regular veterinary needs, not considering any surgeries that might be required.

“I know anger is something natural anytime you see something like this, especially with helpless animals that don’t have a voice and can’t speak for themselves,” Wilson said. . “We have to put all those emotions aside to accomplish the mission at the end of the day, which was to get these animals out of there and onto the path to a better life.”

The Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky is using social media to keep people updated on how puppies are doing now. They told their followers that many animals were starting to do much better.

Hello everyone! An important medical update. This poor pup we found in a cast was seen by our vet…

Posted by Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

There are a lot of people saying they want to adopt some of the little puppies, Wilson said. Unfortunately, this will not be possible until legal proceedings are initiated.

“There is a lot to be done in any type of legal case. Right now they are technically proof. In order for them to be assigned to another household, which is what adoption is, it must be completed. We won’t get there unless there’s a court order,” Wilson said.

Although the animals are not available for adoption, they will eventually need foster homes. Wilson said it could take a while because the animals still need all of their proper veterinary care, and they have to process them all through the system. When this is complete, they will review hosting requests.

“There’s going to be a whole process to make sure they go to better homes, proper homes. We don’t want to send them into a situation like the one they just got out of,” Wilson said.

The Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky is asking area residents to volunteer their time to help around the shelter. They are also looking for monetary donations through PayPal (@LCHSKY) and CashApp ($LCHSKY). There’s also a Facebook fundraiser going on, but Wilson said it’s been a while before the shelter gets the money from that, so he’s suggesting PayPal and CashApp to help them out with more immediate needs.

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