Lake Humane Society raises funds for Humane Investigations Department | Lake County

The Lake Humane Society has launched the Cruelty Prevention Project to raise funds for its humanitarian investigations department, according to a press release from the agency. Lake Humane Society employs Lake County’s only humanitarian worker and responds to all reports of animal cruelty and neglect.

The full-time aid worker is on the road five days a week. In 2020, the Humane Investigations Department responded to 42% more reports of animal cruelty and neglect than in previous years, saving 254 pets and helping keep many animals at home, according to the agency.

The Humane Investigations Department is funded solely by donations, as the Lake Humane Society does not receive any funding from the county, state or federal government, the statement said.

The Cruelty Prevention Project has a goal of $ 50,000. Lake Humane Society aims to achieve this goal by August 31.

The funds raised will be used to purchase a Subaru Forester, a Humane Investigations all-wheel drive vehicle, the statement said. The Department of Humanitarian Investigations has been using the same vehicle, a 2008 large van and equipment for over 13 years. It is essential to purchase an efficient vehicle for daily operations. The project will also cover fuel, maintenance and insurance for standard vehicles. It will also allow the aid worker to continue training in security and protection methods while modernizing old equipment and supplies.

The Lake Humane Society is seeking community support to ensure the Animal Welfare Investigation Department has the current training and equipment needed to protect abused and neglected animals for years to come.

To donate, visit the LHS Cruelty Prevention Project fundraising page at

Donations can be mailed to: Lake Humane Society, ATTN: Cruelty Prevention Project, 7564 Tyler Blvd. Building E, Mentor, OH 44060.

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