Lake County Humane Society and Holy Cat Whiskers reach settlement after raid

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MENTOR, Ohio (WJW) — The Lake Humane Society has reached an agreement with a Madison Township cat rescue to improve conditions following a raid at the facility last month.

The Humane Society‘s Investigations Department executed a search warrant at Holy Cat Whiskers on March 8 due to statements and photographs of unsanitary conditions. They ended up seizing 144 cats for medical evaluation and treatment.

According to the Lake Humane Society, Holy Cat Whiskers, “bravely acknowledged its shortcomings”.

“We are delighted that an agreement has been reached with Holy Cat Whiskers without the need to file criminal charges and we commend them for taking responsibility and moving forward. Our hope is that in the future, when a rescue is overwhelmed or needs help, they contact the Lake Humane Society before a bigger problem occurs. We place a high value on local rescues and teamwork. We all have the same end goal: to save as many lives as possible,” said Lori Caszatt, executive director of the Lake Human Society.

Rescue will avoid criminal charges under the following conditions:

  • Operate according to a shelter management plan, designed by both a Lake Humane Society veterinarian and a Holy Cat Whiskers veterinarian, which includes quarantine and other protocols consistent with best practices for shelter operation, in particular by providing for a maximum number of cats to be kept in the establishment and for veterinary care according to a schedule in order to ensure the health and well-being of each cat;
  • All cats must be kept in a humane, hygienic and legal manner; and
  • The Lake Humane Society and other law enforcement agencies are authorized to conduct random, unannounced inspections of the facility and its care records.

The Lake Humane Society also asked Holy Cat Whiskers to reimburse them $11,227 to cover the partial cost of caring for the cats. They suffered from conditions such as respiratory infections, dust mites, dental problems and untreated skin conditions.

Some of the cats are now up for adoption at the Lake Human Society.

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