Labor MP says Corbyn defectors face by-election

A Labor MP has responded to rumors that Jeremy Corbyn may be on the verge of starting his own political party – saying MPs joining him would face a by-election.

According to reports in The telegraph, the former Labor leader is considering going on his own after privately agreeing that he would never be reinstated as a Labor MP.

Tony Diver reported that he had been urged by many in his entourage, including his wife Laura Alvarez, to turn his charity into a political party and run under his banner in the next election.

If the party is established, it could attempt the defection of left-wing MPs unhappy with Starmer’s leadership and could take the name of the Peace and Justice Project, which Mr Corbyn created to coordinate his political activities after his suspension. work.

But Charlotte Nichols, MP for Warrington North, said that should result in byelections in the affected constituencies.

She tweeted: “I don’t believe that a single PLP member will leave to join it, even in the very unlikely event that there is actually some truth behind it, but I firmly believe that anyone who fails their party to mid-term (to anyone) should trigger a by-election accordingly.

The comments come amid rumors that Labor has already decided to replace Corbyn at Islington North.

According to reports, Mary Creagh is set to run for office in Coherence, a seat held by the former Labor leader since 1983.

Creaghangrily confronted Mr Corbyn shortly after she lost her seat in Wakefield in the Conservatives’ conquest of the Labor Red Wall.

She was filmed challenging the then frontman at Portcullis House in Westminster after seeing him pose for photographers with young people as she cleared her office.

She later said she “couldn’t understand why he was posing for pictures when in my opinion he should apologize” for the election defeat and its aftermath.

Ms Creagh told the BBC: “I wondered why he smiled and joked when I was in the House of Commons firing my staff before Christmas.”

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