Kirit Somaiya calls on HC to overturn ‘manipulative’ FIR filed over his complaint against Shiv Sena workers

The plea, which also impeached Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey, alleged that police filed a ‘false and manipulative’ FIR on Somaiya’s complaint to absolve Shiv Sena members by manipulating details of the incident. ‘offensive.

He also wanted the CBI to be given responsibility for investigating a alleged series of attacks against him including that of April 23 for an “in-depth, complete and independent” investigation and wanted an investigation under judicial supervision into the action of the police authorities who filed the “manipulative” FIR. He also called for a departmental investigation against the police. Somaiya also asked the police not to file an indictment in the attack case.

A former MP, Somaiya was allegedly assaulted by Shiv Sena workers outside Khar police station when he went to meet Independent MP Ravi Rana and his MP wife Navneet Rana. The couple were arrested and taken into custody. They were slapped with charges of sedition.

Somaiya’s plea said that after recording his detailed statement, police officials filed a “fake” FIR by manipulating the details of the facts related by him and also uploaded it without his signature. In accordance with his plea, Somaiya immediately protested and refused to sign it as it would have been drafted for the convenience of Shiv Sena militants and conniving officers, as instructed by “superiors”.

“For example, the abridged complaint states that the so-called political activists stood at a distance of 100 meters, which was totally untrue,” the plea reads. Somaiya added that the issue was raised by himself and four MPs along with the Leader of the Opposition who met with the Governor of Maharashtra to brief him on the incident.

Somaiya alleged that Shiv Sena workers physically attacked him and wanted to kill him. “The inaction of the police against the Sena workers is shocking. This is a criminal conspiracy to protect the Shiv Sena goondas who tried to kill me. In the FIR, we demanded action under Sections 467, 465, 466, 471, 167, 217, 218, 120b CPI,” he said.

The BJP leader had also served a legal notice to a Senior Inspector of Khar Police Station for the allegedly illegal, manipulative and fake recording of FIR without his signature and claimed that the whole episode of downloading FIR and taking of measures was illegal. .

Somaiya said the action by the Mumbai police was a ‘flagrant violation’ of the Code of Criminal Procedure and wanted the High Court to review the records of the proceedings, including CCTV footage from Khar and Bandra police stations , and cancels the FIR.

He said the action of the Mumbai Police was contrary to the constitutionally guaranteed right to life and liberty and the right to freedom of expression and therefore a fair and independent investigation by the CBI was necessary. .

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