Judith Collins says high house prices lead to ‘envy politics’ and support for leftist politics

National Party leader Judith Collins said a big housing movement was needed to prevent “envy politics” from taking hold among the younger generations.

The National and Labor agreed on a bipartisan town-planning law deal on Tuesday, radically changing town-planning rules in a bid to encourage many more mid-density housing in New Zealand cities.

Up to 105,500 new, smaller homes are expected to be built over the next eight years as a result of these changes, which will cause rapid home price growth to slow.

National leader Judith Collins said high house prices fuel the politics of envy.


National leader Judith Collins said high house prices fuel the politics of envy.

Speaking directly to those who feared loosened regulations would mean their neighborhood would lose its “character” if many new townhouses popped up, Collins said high home prices could possibly hurt them as well.

* Housing density becomes more intense
* National and work plan to increase housing density by reducing regulations and sticking to NIMBYs

“I realize that people who have a lot maybe don’t care too much, but in fact they should, because our country must all feel that they have a stake in the soil, that they have the opportunity to build something for themselves and their families, ”said Collins Thing.

She said high house prices had already led to a growth in the “envy policy”.

“One of the worrying things that I have seen over the past decade is this tendency to take a jealous or envious stance against those who have housing, or who can be seen increasing nominal housing wealth,” Collins said.

“It gives excuses for this kind of politics of envy. For those who think that they are not so worried that others cannot buy a house or own a house, they have to think about it, that people will not necessarily want to take everything away from you, if they can see them. also one day may have something.

When asked if this helps the left wing of politics and supports policies like wealth tax or capital gains, Collins said yes.

“You saw how housing situations were used in the 2017 election, with the big promise of KiwiBuild. And before that, we got all kinds of ideas from people like David Parker and David Cunliffe about what was going to happen to those who are rich.

She said young people deserved the kind of luck she had when she was younger.

“It stretches the social fabric. And one of the things that pushed me on that was that in my early twenties I was able to buy my first property, with my first full-time paid job – and I had very little. of income. We should make these opportunities available to people in their twenties and thirties, we should not be telling them, “You don’t have the right to have an interest in the soil, you don’t have something to stay with. here .'”

Collins said she was disappointed with David Seymour.

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Collins said she was disappointed with David Seymour.

Collins said she was very disappointed that ACT leader David Seymour had criticized the policy, given that it actually represented deregulation and respect for private property rights – things the ACT party generally defended.

Seymour said on Tuesday that the new rules could lead to “chaos” as people have moved to the suburbs without expecting the rules to change.

She hinted that Seymour’s role as MP for Epsom contributed to this position

“I thought the MP for Epsom was arguing with the leader of the ACT party, and the MP for Epsom won,” Collins said.

“I was quite disappointed for David [Seymour], and I think a lot of his supporters would be too.

“It’s about cutting red tape and getting housing built, but he suddenly decided it wasn’t his job and he didn’t like it. It’s about deregulation and private property – recognizing that people have the right to build on their own land.

Seymour said Thing that ACT wanted a real debate about building houses.

“We’re just saying: infrastructure is an important part of the conversation. Unless you have the right infrastructure, none of this will work – why would you create all the chaos and confusion if you can’t provide the infrastructure? “

“I don’t think shooting allies will help his grades.”

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