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The Labor leader is due to deliver a series of speeches in which he will set out his position on a number of key issues. The announcements are the next step in the MP for Holborn and St Pancras’ plan to make the party eligible for the next election.

From next week, the Labor leader plans to deliver a major speech setting out his views on “meaty” economic issues.

Under Mr Corbyn, the party campaigned for the renationalisation of railways, mail, energy and water, promised free high-speed internet for Britons and taxed £82billion pounds sterling per year in tax increases.

Since taking over as leader, Sir Keir has sought to moderate Labour’s offer to make it more attractive.

A source close to the leader told City AM that his speeches in the coming weeks will chart “a totally separate path from 2019”.

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Another party source said Sir Keir would ‘slaughter the sacred cows of Corbynism’.

While next week’s speech is not expected to announce that the party is abandoning the nationalization promised in 2019, it will spell out the direction of travel.

The intervention “will put more meat on the bones of what a Starmer government will focus on,” an ally said.

A senior Labor source said: ‘There is no point in wasting political capital on these issues when they are simply not a priority for people and it is something we will continue to work on. be attacked.

“When I walk out the door people don’t talk about nationalizing the water companies or the Royal Mail.”

The change in policy is likely to enrage Mr Corbyn’s supporters and more left-leaning MPs in the party.

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Ms Reeves calls Labor a ‘business-friendly party’ and has opposed government tax hikes.

Polls have indicated voter confidence in Labor on the economy is slowly improving.

Mr Corbyn’s extreme economic plans were seen as partly responsible for the humiliation of Labor at the polls in 2019.

The party suffered its worst result since 1935, losing 59 seats.

A leftist party MP has criticized Sir Keir’s plan to distance himself from the 2019 manifesto.

They said it would be “absurd” to drop the policies because they were popular with the public.

They told City AM: ‘At a time when the pandemic has proven that a hyper-free market economy is not fit for purpose and has led Tories to adopt some of Labour’s most popular manifesto pledges, such as the furlough scheme and the renationalization of our railroads, it would be incredibly misguided if Keir decided to stray from this path.

“In the midst of a cost of living crisis, alienating huge swaths of the electorate by abandoning reigning commitments in energy and other utility companies, and placing Britain’s railways under public control to save thousands of pounds for ordinary people, would be absurd.”

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