Iranian secret service accused of killing Kurdish political activist

Human rights groups and the family of Kurdish political activist Yasser Mangouri said he died after being summoned by members of Iran’s intelligence ministry. Mangouri’s arrest took place on July 17, but his death was officially communicated to his family more than 50 days later.

According to the Iranian Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the body has yet to be handed over to the family, who continue to be unaware of the exact circumstances of his death. Since Mangouri was summoned and held incommunicado by Iranian intelligence forces, his family has repeatedly asked authorities for information about his fate, but to no avail.

Hengaw, another advocacy website that monitors developments in Iranian Kurdistan, cited sources as saying Mangouri was “killed under torture”. According to a count recorded by the same media, at least 23 Kurdish prisoners, including 15 political detainees, have been tortured to death in Iranian prisons since 2017.

A welder by profession, Mangouri was the father of three children and has already been investigated for his alleged links with opposition groups. The exact nature and affiliation of these groups has not been clarified, but the Kurdish regions of Iran have for decades been treated with a secure and zero tolerance approach by the ruling Islamic Republic due to anti-government activism. Kurdish movements and their sympathizers. Accused of pursuing separatist causes, most of these groups are currently based in northern Iraq, with many members also in exile in the Western world where they have also been the subject of plots of hunting and death by terrorists. agents linked to Iran.

Iranian authorities have in the past promised investigations into the deaths of detainees. But human rights activists argue that these commitments are not being kept because they are only meant to appease public anger. In Mangouri’s case, even an official pledge remains missing and a speedy funeral is expected to take place under strict security measures.

The death of Mangouri, 31, also followed a recent series of serious cases of abuse, torture and death in Iranian prisons. Earlier this month, Hadi Atazadeh – convicted of possession of alcohol – was reportedly whipped to death in a prison in the northwestern city of Ahar. Iranian authorities have denied the report, blaming the prisoner’s death on multiple causes, including deteriorating health. The country’s justice system is also shaken by a series of CCTV videos leaked by a group of hackers dropping the curtain on abuses against inmates at Tehran’s infamous Evin Prison.

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