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August 29, The Independent Daily The headline read: “Drone Kills ISIS Members Targeting Kabul. The caption (bridge) included: “US Says Strike Killed ‘Several Suicide Bombers’ Before They Could Attack Kabul Airport.” The article consisted of 29 paragraphs and approximately 1,300 words.

A few days ago, the Pentagon confirmed what many suspect. No ISIS member was killed. However, the “just” strike killed an aid worker and at least seven children. Forget 29 paragraphs, TDI didn’t even write 29 words regarding the clarification. TDI completely (as of Monday afternoon) ignored the story.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone paying attention. TDI has long treated the left like a deity while wielding a club to the right.

Below are some examples:

• Several months ago, the FBI finally admitted that Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson, who in 2017 attempted to assassinate 30 members of the GOP House, was indeed a national terrorist and not a “lone wolf”. TDI did not print a word.

• In 2020, TDI reported that President Donald Trump knew Russia had bounties on US troops in Afghanistan. The story was a joke and could not be corroborated. That didn’t stop Joe Biden from repeating the lie during the 2020 election campaign. In April, members of the Biden administration admitted there was little evidence to support the lie. TDI never wrote a word.

• After the January 6 demonstration on Capitol Hill, the media – including TDI – ran articles suggesting that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by right-wing sycophants. Five months ago it was announced that Agent Sicknick had died of natural causes. TDI ignored the story.


(Editor’s note: The Independent Daily did not directly report any of the above examples. The newspaper published Associated Press articles on these events.The Independent Daily will often print more near-time stories – like breaking news – and not as many follow-up stories due to the priority of local news.)

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