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The Huntingdon County Humane Society on Tuesday received a grant of $ 2,500 from Kinetic by Windstream which will be used for technological improvements at the shelter.

Kinetic by Windstream is a communications provider working to improve fiber optic networks in rural areas of 18 states.

Huntingdon County Commissioners applied to receive the grant at a Pennsylvania County Commissioners Association (PACC) conference over the summer.

“We had the opportunity to apply for the grant and knew the humanitarian society would benefit a lot,” said Huntingdon County Commissioner Scott Walls. “We think they need all the support they can get.”

The director of the shelter, Lisa Boland, said it was difficult to receive funds other than donations.

“There aren’t a lot of grants for stand-alone shelters,” she said. “We don’t get funding from the state or the ASPCA. “

Due to the location of the shelter, internet service can be difficult. Part of the funds will go to these services.

Boland said the grant will be used to purchase an iPad to use at community outreach events and for website updates.

“We are also planning renovations to our dog area,” she said.

Kinetic director Jeanne Shearer was delighted to award the money to the shelter.

“I love that I can help any organization, but doing it for an animal aid group is even more amazing,” she said. “I am proud to be a rural supplier.

As Kinetic continues to grow, Shearer said they will continue to work with the county.

“We want to come to Huntingdon at full power,” she said.

County commissioner Mark Sather felt the Kinetic grant was well deserved by the shelter.

“When applying for the grant, we wanted to find an area where expanding broadband would benefit the most,” he said. “The shelter is well run and provides services to our most needy – our four-legged friends.”

Boland said she was honored that the refuge was considered important by the commissioners. She was surprised to learn that the commissioners had applied for the grant with the shelter in mind.

“It really means a lot to us that the Commissioners would think of us,” she said. “Usually the shelter is the last organization everyone thinks of. “

The Huntingdon County Humane Society also provides services to the Mifflin County area.

Walls said receiving the grant is a proud achievement.

“There are so many animals that need homes,” he said. “If this money can be used to educate people, then I see it as a victory.”

Shearer agreed, saying the internet and other media sources are great ways to get funding.

“This is one of the reasons our company tries to help rural areas,” she said. “Even a photo in the newspaper or an online article can make a huge difference to nonprofits. “

All Humane Society animals are spayed, neutered and up to date with their vaccinations. The refuge is open to the public from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

For more information about adopting or donating to the shelter, call the office at (814) 643-7387.

“It’s wonderful to have this support,” Boland said. “We hope we mean as much to the community as they do to us.”

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