Howard County Autism Society new logo unveiled

HOWARD COUNTY, MD – A new brand has been unveiled for the Howard County Autism Society as it joins the Autism Society of America, its parent organization. The new wire logo serves as a symbol for community, strength, equality, diversity, pathways and connection. The unique threads of the Autism Society brand represent individuality and unique experiences that are simultaneously interconnected and woven into the larger community.

“We are proud and excited to advance our mission of bonding, giving all members of the autism community the resources to live fully. Our vision is to create a world where all members of the autism community are connected to the support they need, when they need it. We do this while embodying our values ​​of dignity, equity, inclusion, diversity and integrity, ”the company said.

The brand was developed with input from over 150 members of the autism community, making it a reflection of the autism community. Each element has been designed to create a beautiful functional space to increase access to resources and information.

“The new brand means that we can do more to serve our community without visual, auditory or other sensory barriers, and provide more visibility to the diversity of experiences across the spectrum,” the company noted.

Image courtesy of the Howard County Autism Society

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