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When to watch: Now on HBO Max.

The third season of this sweet and silly British comedy is now streaming, but there are only 19 episodes in total, so savor as needed. Alison and her husband (Charlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe) inherit a dilapidated estate from one of her distant relatives, and it’s great until Alison finds out she can see and hear all ghosts. who share home with them, including a caveman, a Victorian poet, a disgraced ’90s politician, a bubbly nobleman, and a locked up WWII officer. “Ghosts” has a real tenderness, but beneath his wonderful awkwardness, you can still hear little murmurs of heartbroken wisdom. If you like “Miracle Workers” check this out.

For some reason, CBS decided to adapt this show for the American audience, and this version will air on October 7.

When to watch: Now on MHz Choice.

This Senegalese drama (in French, subtitled) set in the near future follows Moutari Wara (Issaka Sawadogo), a law professor who is supposed to stay out of political activism. But when one of his fellow professors is arrested in the classroom and one of his students urges him to help him fight corruption, well, it doesn’t take long before he’s gone. Of the game. If you like political thrillers where everyone has a secret – or better yet, a lot of secrets – check out this. The first two episodes are available now, and two new ones arrive every Tuesday through October 5.

‘Formula 1: Drive to survive’
When to watch: Now on Netflix.

You certainly don’t have to be a motorsport fan to dig into this documentary series – I’m not, but I happily devoured all three seasons. The series follows the ins and outs of a world championship season, profiling drivers, team owners and leaders, and bouncing between better and lesser-known figures in the sport. While the show is largely superficial and can be seen as a full-scale advertisement for grand prix racing, too bad if it doesn’t work: there is glamor and excitement, real danger, juicy rivalries. and handsome men describing their passions. It’s not “Last Chance U: Cars”, but it’s a ton of absolute fun and contains some of the best “it’s a wacky contraption” workout footage of any sports show I’ve ever seen. .

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