History of invaders used to demonize Indian Muslims, according to Shashi Tharoor | India today Conclave 2021

Speaking at the India Today 2021 conclave, Congressman Shashi Tharoor said the story of the Muslim invaders was “instrumentalized” to demonize Indian Muslims.

“When you rightly ask why Muslims today feel offended when Ghazni or Ghori are exposed, the answer is that they are being used to demonize them today,” said Shashi Tharoor.

“The partition, the split of the nationalist movement did not happen on ideology or geography. It happened on a key issue – is religion the determinant of our nationality,” Shashi Tharoor said. He added that those who believed religion to be their identity migrated to Pakistan.


Tharoor adds, “Now we have a different philosophy in power which holds that India is fundamentally a Hindu country and everyone here is either a guest or an intruder and that the institutions and laws of the state must. reflect an allegiance to a certain civilizational understanding of India which has nothing to do with the constitutionally embodied idea of ​​India. “

Agreeing with Vikram Sampath that a number of empires are not mentioned in Indian history, Shashi Tharoor added that at the time of independence India did not choose to be a mirror image of the Pakistan.

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“In India, history was embedded in the nation-building project. There was a desire to tone down some nasty details, the destruction of temples, some of the horrors that happened while emphasizing the points common that have also been featured through the ages, ”Shashi told Tharoor.

Tharoor adds that right-wing historians are now “scratching the wounds” that are “already healed”.

Shashi Tharoor at the India Today 2021 conclave | Photo by Rajwant Rawat

Congressman from Thiruvanthapuram also said that Savarkar’s years of life after his imprisonment in the Andamans “cast a shadow” over the early years of his life when he was hailed as a freedom fighter.

Tharoor adds that it is not fair to say that all historians of a democracy see history the same way. “If the voices say Muslims were bad 500 years ago and Muslims today should suffer, then I have a problem,” Shashi Tharoor said.

“I spoke of commemorating the atrocities of colonialism not because today you want us to revolt against the British because it is history, but we must forgive and not forget,” said Shashi Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor adds that students should not be denied the right to be exposed to a wide variety of points of view and to draw their own conclusions. “Education is supposed to give you the equipment, intellectually, to discern,” he said.

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