Helping Hands Humane Society hopes to raise $ 40,000 for new addition

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Helping Hands is launching a new campaign that they believe will greatly benefit the animals at the shelter.

“We are also building two isolation rooms for the shelter while it is in this remodeling area that these isolation spaces are going to help us. For the dogs, this will help us treat Parvo and be able to house Parvo positive puppies separately from the other dogs there, ”said Grace Clinton.

Canine parvovirus, better known as Parvo, is a highly contagious virus that can affect all dogs.

Unvaccinated dogs and puppies under four months old are most at risk, this year Helping Hands has recorded more than 40 positive cases.

“If you take your dog to Bark Park or walk them on the sidewalk or common areas, many places people take their dogs, they’re going to be exposed to the parvo. The vaccines are super important, most of the time we have puppies that have already been exposed to the parvo, ”she said.

Their changes will not only help dogs, but cats too!

“For the cats, it will be an isolation space for contagious diseases in cats and keep our animals here much healthier. Some of the diseases we will be treating there are upper respiratory diseases and ringworm.”

Clinton says isolation kennels don’t come cheap, they hope to raise a total of $ 40,000.

“These kennels would help tremendously. Not only would that help us increase the number of animals we have in the shelter and accept these animals, but we would be able to keep animals that are already exposed, ”Clinton said.

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