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The idea that it is shameful to be poor has its origins in Calvinist doctrine (“Don’t make War on Poverty into War on the Poor,” Our View, September 18). It happened like this: the poor are rightly poor; they were lazy and disobeyed God’s command to work.

It is a Central American myth that prosperity is accessible to all who strive for it. I think it is essential that people who apply for financial assistance have no shame and tell the honest truth to their interlocutors.

Little should be done in trying to track down fathers who abandon their children and make them pay. I think this is a losing battle and it undermines the main purpose of welfare, which is to try to put families back on their feet financially and help them in the meantime. The main reason for poverty in America is that employers pay insufficient wages to keep families above the poverty line. If employers paid decent wages, there would be much less need for government subsidies.

With its new anti-choice law, Texas has enslaved the female population of that state by claiming ownership of women’s bodies.

Texas told its citizens: You don’t have a constitutional right to be free to live your life. We own you. Your life and your choices are owned by the State of Texas.

I was under the impression that slavery ended after the Civil War in 1865. I call for the establishment of strong federal sanctions against the state of Texas for restoring slavery, property of human beings – body and mind – and delegating its citizens to terrorize the supporters of these female slaves who choose freedom. Texas must be punished for this outrageous, insulting, undemocratic, sexist, archaic new law that uses abortion as a means to put women in their place – non-voting maids, slaves.

Are there real conservatives? I mean those who believe in legal and constitutional governance – not just the right-wing people. If so, why don’t they condemn those (almost all) Republican lawmakers dedicated to destabilizing the nation and paving the way for fascism? Could they hope that a right-wing takeover of the government would lead to a Conservative government in accordance with Conservative principles?

No chance! The 2024 fascist coup that Republicans are now mounting – calling it patriotism – promises even more corruption than Donald Trump’s presidency, more intentional cruelty, and more rules based on corruption, fear, violence sanctioned by government, bigotry and hatred. True vocal conservatives will be treated like US Rep. Liz Cheney, who defended the Constitution against insurgents and was ousted from the Republican leadership of Congress. In speaking, they will be condemned by the Republicans, unless they abandon constitutional governance in favor of prestige, power, comfort – and fascism.

Mayor Alan Webber led a well-orchestrated campaign. But there are legitimate criticisms of its accomplishments and goals. The maintenance of the city’s infrastructure has been irregular; the monuments affair was timid, the victims being of culture and history; his leadership during the pandemic was following the governor’s directives; and the crime was little discussed.

I blame the mayor for not involving the local congressional delegation to secure funds for the necessary improvements to the airport. The mayor emphasizes smart growth, but New Mexico is severely constrained in resources due to lack of water. Water conservation and recycling are strategies for maintenance, not growth. The mayor could have hired other leaders from the Southwestern states to form a large congressional delegation to address the Southwest’s water issues in infrastructure bills pending before Congress. The subject is also a great mission for a national laboratory.

For me, the mayor got a solid C in his first term, probably a better mark than his opponents would get.

The New Mexican herself writes her headlines for the Letters and My Opinions which are submitted for publication (“Campaign’s Use of Newspaper Logo Causes Confusion,” October 9).

So is Mayor Alan Webber responsible for the headline that accompanied the My View criticizing Councilor JoAnne Vigil Coppler for her lack of support for mask mandates? Absolutely not! The New Mexican wrote it.

Did Vigil Coppler submit anything acceptable to the board that was pro-mask? Absolutely not.

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