Harnessing grief for political expediency

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Ohe thing that is certain about every living creature, especially human beings, is death. What we don’t always know is how we can die.

Could it be through a car accident, sickness or horrible death at the hands of thieves or some such criminal act?

However one dies, the fact is that death sometimes brings grief, pain and anger to those left behind, whether family members, relatives, friends or knowledge.

And therefore, most of us sympathize with the Ali family on the death of their mother, beloved sister, no matter what.

This is the very reason why we all pray that the police thoroughly investigate the circumstances of Moreblessing’s death and bring the culprits to justice.

However, what is appalling about his death is how some politicians and political activists have sought to exploit this tragic death to settle political scores or profit from it for personal political gain. Pathetic? Why do we kill our reverence and respect for departed loved ones?

morally repugnant

Moreblessing’s gruesome and unfortunate death was taken advantage of by Washington Ali – let’s discuss who Washington Ali claims to be the brother of the deceased.

Investigations reveal that his full name is Juma Washington Ali-Nasolo after changing it by deed in October 1992, from Juma Washington. There are plausible suggestions that Washington is simply exploring family name similarities to claim close ties as it seeks to revive its long dead political career in opposition politics.

It is believed he was trying to disguise himself and cover his life of crime during his growing up years on the dusty streets of National, Mbare.

Arrived in the UK in early 2001 after fleeing Zimbabwe due to the long arm of the law closing in on him after his fraudulent and deceptive conduct, Washington, who is the opposition MP’s former brother-in-law Tendai Biti, left Zimbabwe in a hurry, fleeing individuals and businesses from whom he had extorted money and materials.

He initially fled to Australia in late 1999, where he sought refuge and briefly lived with Biti’s first ex-wife and children who live there.

His claims of political persecution by Zimbabwean authorities were completely dismissed by Australian authorities and denied asylum, forcing him to travel to the UK.

Despite a turbulent and stormy relationship with Nancy, Biti’s sister, she welcomed him back into her life, having twice run away from him due to domestic violence and his promiscuous ways.

Washington Ali has never had a job in his life. But he lived on the benevolence of the many women he seduced into their hearts and their bank accounts.

While still in Zimbabwe, he posed as a well-known computer programmer, claiming that he had the skills and knowledge to help companies that were just starting to computerize their operations and systems between the middle and late 90s.

Ali would seduce companies, lying to them that he can import computers for them or repair them, including installing up-to-date software or repairing “damaged” hardware. And these computers would never be seen again because he would sell them.

Washington, cheated parents of students at schools that were then known as Group A schools out of their hard-earned money as he falsely misrepresented that he would send them overseas to be cyclists when that he claimed to have what he called “relationships”.

Aitovhara husband because he was formerly involved in the Zimbabwe Cyclists Association. He encouraged parents to buy expensive sports bikes which he would eventually steal and sell.

After settling in the UK, Ali quickly recruited for the MDC on the pretext that he would help those seeking to settle, with immigration papers.

He became the father of teaching Zimbabweans, especially women, how to seek asylum and cheat the UK immigration system.

To write confirmation letters for MDC membership, Washington teamed up with Stanford Biti, Tendai’s younger brother, to exchange letters for sex if one had no money.

Washington elected himself president, a powerful position that allowed him to have full control of all MDC matters in the UK and Ireland. Intimidating people as Tendai Biti’s “influential” brother-in-law, Ali then registered the MDC as his company in the UK with him as chairman/managing director, Stanford as company secretary and a Suzet Kwenda as director.

Through this company, Ali and Stanford Biti bought houses in 2004 in Southend-on Sea. And that was just three years after they arrived in the UK with nothing but backpacks.

The cost of an MDC membership card reached £100 at one point as Ali treated desperate members of the Zimbabwean community.

Eventually, in January 2006, the MDC Youth Assembly had had enough of Ali’s shady dealings, chicanery and deceit and they forcibly removed Ali from the post of chairman at a meeting held in Northampton, United Kingdom.

Among the reasons cited by the MDC Youth, “it is obvious that Mr. Washington Ali has not accounted for the funds generated for the party through the sale of membership cards. We must remember that we are guests in the UK and we must not abuse the trust of the people of our host country”.

The words of the statement are a true reflection of a man who lived by deception and fraudulent claims of who he is not. No wonder there are doubts about his claims to be Moreblessing’s real brother.

Left homeless after Nancy grew tired of being embarrassed and humiliated and kicked him out, eventually divorced and repossessed the house, Washington has had no fixed address since 2006.

The irony is that his own immigration status is still pending and is now exploiting Moreblessing’s unfortunate death to show his still pending asylum case.

He previously used false documents to obtain a mortgage. His irresponsible life resulted in none of his four children with Nancy having anything to do with him. He attempted various schemes aimed at scamming Zimbabweans and British taxpayers’ money, pretending to be a defender of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe. What human rights when he cannot even grant the children he has burned and abandoned the right to a father?

Pressure the British using Moreblessing

An obscure organization calling itself the UK-based Zimbabwe Human Rights Organization sought to exploit Moreblessing’s disappearance by contacting the UK House of Lords to see what further pressure the UK government would could exercise. The person they abused is Lord Oates who they sent the email to on June 8, 2022 saying,

Dear Lord Oates,

You may be aware of the reported kidnapping of “Moreblessing Ali”, a political activist with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). Moreblessing Ali was abducted in public on May 24, 2022 from a place called Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, Nyatsime in Beatrice.

His brother, Washington Ali, is here in the UK and would like to meet with you (staff meeting or in person) regarding this apparent increase in political intimidation (presumably in the run-up to the 2023 election?). Washington is the former Chair of the UK and Ireland Province (of the former MDC), and currently the global “Diaspora Resource Mobilization Coordinator” for the new CCC.

You did us a favor with a team meeting in January of this year for the My Right to Vote campaign, but these events, we hope, are not a taste of more undemocratic behavior to come.

If there are also any ‘questions’ you can put to the Government benches in the Lords, that too would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, John Burke and Beverley Mutandiro

The gullible Lord has responded and offered meeting slots for these heartless activists on June 10, 2022!

It is very unfortunate that Lord Oates accepted and believed the word of Ali, a man of such an unsavory character.

Did the Dear Lord do his due diligence before meeting these charlatans? It seems not. What then happened was a submission by the Lord of written questions to Her Majesty’s government about the action they are taking on Moreblessing and the prospects for a credible election in 2023! What abuse! Will Her Majesty’s Government be influenced by these selfish agendas of criminals who play victimization?

Juma Washington Ali, a fugitive who harnesses grief as he seeks to curry favor and rekindle his long-dead political activism. We see through it all. Isn’t it better to wait for the conclusion of the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s investigations? It is not appropriate to comment and draw conclusions on a live survey.

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